Planning a Green Wedding

Green can conjure so many images.  Some greens can bring to mind spring and new life. Other, richer greens can bring a feeling of festivity and jovial warmth.  Whether you want to use touches of green or have a palette that is centered on the color of nature and prosperity, this week we’ll talk about some ways to make a green wedding work for you.

Themes That Pair Well With Green

Green makes a great base for any nature centered or Eco friendly wedding. Green can be used in different shades at any time of the year when you are basing your wedding theme on the season of your wedding.  Spring weddings. Tea green and clover green are popular choices for spring wedding color palettes. An Irish or Saint Patrick’s Day themed wedding will work well with shades of green.  Renaissance weddings highlight rich shades of green in a beautiful setting. Trellises wrapped in ivy and lush greens make a beautiful garden themed reception or ceremony.