Planning a Green Wedding – Color Combinations

Color Schemes That are Complementary and How to Use Them

Green has so many shades that work for weddings.  It is all about finding a shade of green that fits your style and then finding the right color to go with it. Here are some great combinations that use green and some ways to use them.

  • Green and orange – Green and orange are both very trendy wedding colors right now.  Try a tea green with a pale orange or peach for a spring wedding.  Liven up a summer wedding with a lime green and bright orange. Try using one of the colors with white in a damask pattern and using the other color in a bold shade for accents. Orange ribbons tied to green pomander balls or used to tie bows on favors make great accents for your green wedding color palette. Olive green paired with a true orange makes for a great wedding color scheme in early fall. A British racing green or forest green pair well with tangelo orange for a winter color scheme.
  • Green and pink – Green and pink is the hottest, trendiest color combination for weddings right now.  From lime greens and shocking bright pinks to tea greens and rose shades, this color combination is sure to have a variation that pleases even the pickiest bride. Kelly green bridesmaid dresses provide a great backdrop for a bouquet of pink flowers, or pink paper fans. Try a pear green paired with some hot pink accent pieces for a fresh bold color scheme. Peach and pale orange can be used with some lush greenery to create beautiful bouquets and centerpieces.
  • Green and purple – A rich deep plum paired with a jeweled emerald green makes for a stunning wedding color scheme. Try lavender and violet with a clover or kelly green to make a beautiful color palette sure to compliment any bride in white.  An olive green back drop accented by various shades of purple makes a classy color palette that is pleasant on the eyes.
  • Green and blue – Navy blue makes an excellent base for a fern green choice.  Mint green pairs well with a muted turquoise or celadon.  Because blue and green are so close on the color wheel, they blend seamlessly together in most shade combinations. Blue and green make for a beautiful ocean theme and work well in beach themes as well. Pair them with a tan or sand brown to complete a by the see look.
  • Green and brown – A few things look as absolutely delicious as a cake decorated with a mint green fondant with chocolate brown scroll work. Mocha pairs well with olive and forest greens. If your green color palette is representative of your Eco wedding try a palette that incorporates multiple shades of both colors.
  • Green and yellow – Pale yellow paired with fern is a beautiful and classic spring wedding color palette. There is quite possibly no combination of shades in this color combination that doesn’t work. A muted green with a bright pop of yellow will create good feelings for all of your guests.
  • Green and white – Green and white just oozes elegance and class.  Try touches of gold or brown to complete this breathtaking color scheme. Paint white vases with a sheer green paint that dries with a crackle type finish to use for centerpieces or containers for a candy bar. Green and ivory also pair well.
  • Green and red – Your first thought may be of the Christmas season when you think green and red.  And green holly or ivy with berry reds do indeed make for a wonderfully classy winter wedding. Green can be paired with red at any time of the year to create various looks. Rich roses surrounded by lush greens are beautiful at any time of the year.  Try the combination for pew flowers, centerpieces or your bridal bouquet.
  • Green and black – A black lace shrug over satin emerald green bridesmaid dresses makes for stunning photographs. Black iron chairs next to tables draped in green are classy and rustic all at the same time. Add accents of peach or pink to complete this color palette for our wedding at any time of the year.