Planning a Blue Wedding

From just a touch of something blue to a wintry blue wonderland, all styles of weddings look gorgeous with some blue in the color scheme.  Whether you prefer a soft pastel baby blue or a jewel toned royal blue, it is easy to incorporate blue into the planning of your wedding décor. You can use just a few touches or go all out with varying shades of blue. This week we will be focusing on how to make this color part of your wedding day. To start, here are some great ideas for your beautifully blue wedding.

Themes That Pair Well With Blue

Rich jeweled blues fit great with a royal wedding theme, especially when paired with golds.  Sparkling blues can help create a wintry wonderland of a wedding. Tropical summery weddings and beach weddings lend themselves well to shades of blue. Blue is popular for outdoor weddings as well. Blue can be paired with nearly any color to create a pleasant cheerful mood. Blue color schemes lend themselves very well to including a third color or varying shades of one of the two main colors.

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