Planning a Blue Wedding – Color Schemes

Color Schemes that are Complementary and How to Use Them

  • Blue and orange – Orange is creeping its way into some unexpected color pairings for weddings. Orange and blue is no exception. Orange and blue is a winner in so many shade combinations.  One of the better ones is a peachy orange with a turquoise blue. Blue pomander balls look just lovely with bright orange ribbons.  Orange light adds a warm glow to a reception decorated in a wintry blue, making for a breathtaking contrast. Coral shades also work well with blues.
  • Blue and pink – Blue and pink make a beautiful pairing for a wedding color scheme. Mostly all shades of both pink and blue can be used to create a huge variety of moods and looks for your wedding décor. It is usually best to match the boldness (or muted look) of the two colors in this color combination.  For example, a jewel toned royal blue may not go so well with a soft pastel pink on a large scale.
  • Blue and purple – Blue and purple are two colors used to indicate royalty throughout history. Why not use them both in your wedding color scheme?  A rich royal blue with a rich velvety purple makes a beautiful color scheme.  Don’t stop there however.  Choose one of the two colors and add in more shades of that color.  For example you can pair the royal blue with violet, lavender and a plum or berry.
  • Blue and brown – Chocolate brown and a soft baby blue seem to be the favorite shades for this color combination. Mocha brown looks stunning paired with a jewel toned blue in nearly any shade. Cornflower blue makes for a great pairing with nearly any shade of brown in this wedding color combination. Consider shades like khaki and champagne as well.
  • Blue and green – Ice blue pairs well with a few shades of green. Fern also pairs well with some of the lighter toned blues.  Make sure to use swatches when choosing tones for this color combination because they are so close together on the color wheel.
  • Blue and yellow – You really can’t go wrong with a blue and yellow color palette for your wedding.  You would be hard pressed to find shades that don’t work together. A favorite pairing among brides right now is a bright sunny yellow with a deep but muted blue.  Many brides also incorporate a few other more toned down shades of yellow to their color scheme as well.
  • Blue and white – Any shade of blue pairs well with white, or creams and ivory shades for that matter. Use darker, deeper blues and clean lines for a beautiful contrast or lighter blues and softer lines for a dreamy hued color palette.
  • Blue and red – Blue and red are a definite wedding color scheme do. This is another blue pairing that gives you lots of flexibility when it comes to choosing shade.  Try pulling shades of pink into the mix for beautiful floral arrangements.
  • Blue and black – Bridesmaids love the slimming combination of a black dress with a blue sash and shoes.  Most shades of blue work nicely for this combination.  Make it a soft blue for spring and summer weddings and a deeper blue for fall and winter.  If you want to use a deeper blue in warmer months, make the blue the main color with black being the accent.
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