Pedicure Tips

Taking care of your feet is an important part of taking care of yourself. It’s not a complicated thing to do in fact it can be easy, fun, and is most definitely worth it.

You’ll especially want pretty toes if you are wearing open toe shoes at the wedding and reception. But even if you aren’t don’t forget on your honeymoon there will probably be plenty of barefoot strolling on the beach. Along with plenty of dinner opportunities to wear your favorite peep toes. So be sure to have your feet in their best shape yet.

If you have any history of toenail problems in the past it is best to seek out the help of a professional. If you are prone at all to ingrown toenails these guys are painful and can be extremely difficult to manage. It is best that you have someone whom is trained in taking care of such problems assist you. If you are apt to having problems with your toes you will need to go once a week for about three months leading up to your wedding.  As it can take a while to work on these problems and get them to a healthy manageable place.

If you are not prone to any problems but are someone whom doesn’t pay a lot of attention to your toes we have some advice for you.

Please do not cut your own cuticles. You could really hurt yourself and the truth is that most of us think we need them cut more than we really do. Push them back with a cotton ball when they are soft such as after bathing or showering.

Clip your nails so that they line up evenly with your natural nail bed. You don’t want them to be super long hanging over your toes and you also do not want to have them so short they pose any ingrown risks. File them down so they are smooth and do not run the risk of becoming snagged on anything.

Soak your feet in warm water and use a pumice stone all along the bottom of your feet. This will help to smooth out any rough patches of skin you may have on your feet.

Also it’s a good idea to rub Vaseline on your feet and then slip them into sucks right before bedtime. Resting with all of the smoothing goodness Vaseline offers on your feet will ensure that they are super soft and smooth in the morning

For your final “pedicure” splurge and go to a professional. Make sure to schedule your final pedicure one to two days before the actual wedding day. With all the hustle and bustle the wedding day has already we do not see any need to add a pedicure to the list. You could risk snagging a freshly cut nail or smudging polish the day of. It’s best to have them pruned and in tip top shape beforehand.

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