Must Have Wedding Photos for your Album

Every bride and groom dreams of their wedding and capturing those memories in pictures is an important part of your special day. You may have some ideas of what you would like to see in your wedding album – the mug shot line up of the bridal party, the ring exchange or the first kiss. While these are all important parts of your wedding day, they are also pretty bland once you’ve seen them hundreds of times so why not step outside of the one size fits all picture frame?

Picking an experienced wedding photographer can help you bring your vision to life and they’ll probably have a ton of great ideas for your images. Until then, here are eight ideas to get your creative juices flowing and help you start the conversation with your photographer.

wedding photos

Photo Credit: Matvey Stavitsky

A “Magic Hour” Photo
Photographers refer to the first and last hour of sunlight during the day as the “magic” or “golden” hour because it provides softer, more diffuse, lighting for photographs. The soft shadows and warm tones during this time produce the most flattering photos. Be sure to include at least a few shots of you two together during the magic hour.

wedding reception

Photo Credit: The Arches

A Pulled Back Image of Your Reception
You worked for months, perhaps years, to create the perfect reception for your wedding and preserving the entire scene in one image will bring you many years of enjoyment. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the details, seeing the whole thing pulled together is wonderful way to reflect on the beautiful outcome of your hard work.

wedding ceremony

Photo Credit: Mosca Photo

Ceremony Details
Speaking of details, it’s the little things that add up to the big picture and in years to come you’ll want to remember them. The tulle draping, the ceremony program, the aisle runner or any number of the small details that went in to creating your ceremony. Make sure that these are captured by the photographers, you’ll enjoy seeing them as you look through your wedding albums.

wedding ceremony angle

Photo Credit: Mosca Photo

The Ceremony – From a New Angle
If it’s possible, an overhead -wide angle- shot of your ceremony is a great way to capture the overall scene. Your seated guests, you, your groom and the wedding party all in one amazing shot- talk about a moment to remember!

candid wedding photo

Photo Credit: Varin Tsai

Candid Photos
Standard posed photos are nice to have, but it’s the candid moments that bring life to a celebration. Your friends and family aren’t robots or models, so make sure that your photographers will capture the moments that make us human. These photos are endearing and will bring a smile to your face every time you look through your wedding albums.

wedding fashion

Photo Credit: Denvie Wright

Your Fashion Photo Shot
While you may not be a super model in your day to day life – you can still feel like one on your wedding day. Why not have an artistic fashion shot of you on your wedding day? Amazing hair, wedding bling, glamorous makeup – you are the star of your wedding day! Capture that moment in time when you were queen for the day. You deserve it.

guys wedding party

Photo Credit: Varin Tsai

The Guys Getting Ready
You weren’t there (for obvious reasons) so having shots of the guys getting ready is a great way for you to see what was happening with them. The smiles, the nerves and helping each other with their ties – these are moments you will be able to share after the wedding, but only if you have the photos.

back of wedding dress

Photo Credit: Sydney Wedding Photographers

The Girls Getting Ready
Same thing for him – he wasn’t able to be there to see you getting all beautiful for your special day. It’s nice to have the images to look back upon and share with each other after the wedding. You’ll feel closer for having done so.

TIP: Have more or different ideas? It’s not only ok to speak candidly with your photographer, it’s the best thing to do. Professional photographers are there to capture your day for you and knowing what you want helps them to fulfill your expectations.

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