Mother of the Bride – Choosing Dress Tips

Choosing the wedding dress is one of the most important if not the most important fashion decision you will ever make. For your mom, choosing what to wear at her daughter’s wedding is equally a very important decision. Following these simple tips should ensure both you and your mother look your absolute best on such an important day.

Etiquette also states that the mother of the bride speak with the mother of the groom after she has made her purchase so as to advise her on what to wear. The mother of the groom and the mother of the bride need not match, however it is a good idea to speak with one another so that they do not clash, or one look drastically more formal than the other.

While the bride doesn’t get all the say so in this manner her opinion does matter a lot. It is after all the bride and groom’s big day. So brides, be sure to discuss with your mother what ideas you have regarding her ensemble. Maybe pull a few pages from a magazine or email her a few links. It is important that you like the way she looks, it is equally as important that your mother feel comfortable.

Color selections for the mother of the bride dress is very important and thus can be a little bit tricky. While old etiquette states that no one wear black, because it is considered the color of mourning. It’s also proper to shy away from whites, ivories or any colors in that particular family. Another good idea is to not choose a color that is overly flashy (think red sequins).

Many brides suggest that their mother wear the same color as their bridesmaids. This is not necessarily a rule however, and you could always choose a color from the same family as the bridesmaid dresses. For brides wearing mustard, you could go with a soft gold or even canary yellow.

While a lot of mother of the brides choose to stay in a muted or pastel color palette often in shades of soft green and blue. Still yet many moms go for daring jewel tones particularly if the wedding is in the evening.

The cut of the mother’s wedding gown is also something important to discuss. For the mom who looks and feels young, there is no reason she can not dress to show it. From deep necklines, to halter tops and long sleeves even, if you can imagine the style, they make it. Just be sure to discuss with your mother what you feel is appropriate. You certainly want your mother to look and feel beautiful but, you do not want all eyes on her.

Lastly not all moms are the dress wearing type. No worries, it is possible for your mother to look classy, stylish and be comfortable without wearing a dress. There are several different styles of sophisticated ladies suits for her to choose from. With knee length skits for a casual day time wedding, to wide-legged pin-striped pants for a vintage feel during an evening wedding. Just try your best at talking her into dressing it up a bit. She may choose a nice hat, a dazzling brooch or some timeless jewelry.

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