Manicure Tips

There is no doubt that people are looking at your hands more and more now.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are yelling “look at my ring, look at my ring!” and flashing your rock to anyone who will look. It can also occur from the fact that something sparkly on your finger is catching everyone’s eye. We understand that you want your hands to be in their very best condition. So, we have compiled some information for you so that you may whip those phalanges into shape. You will be talking with your hands more and more in no time.

Giving yourself a manicure at home is pretty easy to do if you have a little bit of time and some patience.

Start by removing old polish with a cotton ball and non-acetone nail polish remover. Use q-tips for any cracks or hard to reach areas i.e. deep on the sides of the nail bed.

Use fingernail clippers to shape the nail itself. Then file the nails so they are even try long smooth strokes instead of a lot of back and forth motions, this ensures you don’t rub to hard and create a crack.

You may choose to soak your hands in warm water with a nail solution or possibly a few floating cucumber slices. After waiting a few minutes and relaxing remove your hands and dry them. Be sure to pat and not rub your hands dry.

Rub some cuticle cream or oil into your cuticles thoroughly. Then push back, do not cut your cuticles. Cutting your cuticles is never a good idea. It’s so very rare that you would ever need them actually cut. You can really hurt yourself and run the risk of infection.

Then take some thick soothing hand cream and massage it into your hands. Really concentrate on getting that lotion into every little nook and cranny.

Clean off each nail with non-acetone nail polish remover after you have let the lotion absorb for around five to seven minutes.

Then begin polishing your nails, do two to three coats and allow two minutes to dry in between each coat. Finish off with a final clear coat.

Make sure to wait a substantial amount of time in between each coat so as to not smudge your newly painted nails.

For the big day you may want to go to a nail salon. If you choose to do so, have your manicure three to five days prior to the wedding. That way if you have any oops moments with your nails you will have time for those mistakes to be remedied. This will ensure that your nails are looking their best for all of those up close ring photos.

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