Make the Wedding Party Last

A couple’s wedding day should be a dream come true.  Is a few hours of partying really enough time to celebrate that special day with their family and friends? If not, here are some great ways to have a wedding celebration last all day, all night and maybe even the weekend! There are even a few ways to keep the good times going with family and friends for the entire first year of marriage.

Welcome to Town Get Together

People don’t always stay in their hometown.  Even if the couple getting married is getting married in their hometown, inevitably some guests will probably have to travel to the wedding.  Some couples also have destination weddings.  A scheduled meal with these family members and friends is a good place to give out welcome kits and exchange news.  It is a great opportunity for the bride and groom to mingle a little extra with those guests that they don’t often see.

Rehearsal Dinner

It may be tempting to skip the rehearsal dinner and go straight to bed or get back to planning the last minute details.  The rehearsal dinner can be a great chance to relax and forget the stress of those details for a little while with the people who have helped the bride and groom the most.

Parties for the Guys and Parties for the Girls

Try to hold all parties like this a few days before the wedding especially if alcohol will be involved. Stag and Doe, bachelor and bachelorette or just a jack and jill shower are great ways for the guys, girls or both to relax and have fun.

Bridesmaids’ Luncheon

The bride can host a bridesmaids’ luncheon, a spa day, a breakfast or anything else a day or two before the wedding.  This allows the bride to thank her bridesmaids for all they have done and is another great opportunity for relaxation.

The Wedding

The wedding will be hectic and is obviously the highlight of the wedding festivities.  The bride and groom should enjoy the ceremony and find a few moments of peace after the ceremony to enjoy their new husband or wife’s company.

Wedding Dinner

The bride and groom should be sure to eat, drink, dance and have fun!  A lot of time, money and planning go into a wedding so the people who did all the work should enjoy themselves.

Cake, Punch and Dancing

Sometimes the venue and finances don’t allow room to invite everyone you would like to invite. A solution to this can be to invite some extra friends for cake, punch and dancing.  Serve desserts and have a blast!  When the tables are cleared away, the extra room should add to the venues maximum capacity.

After Party

Many brides and grooms don’t get a lot of time to enjoy their wedding reception.  If the couple isn’t leaving right away for their honeymoon they can have an after party.  Everyone can change into something more comfortable and meet for drinks, dancing or an activity like bowling. This is also great if the reception is really going well but the venue was only rented for a few hours.

Wedding Brunch

Wedding brunches are pretty common when there are out of town guests.  It is a way for the bride and groom to see their guests one last time before everyone goes home.

Wedding Games that Add Celebrations All Year Long

Musical chairs/Musical treasure hunt – In this game 13 people play (not the bride and groom!) and 12 chairs are laid out to start.  Slips of paper are drawn that say different items that can be found throughout the reception venue  They may list things like a strawberry from the dessert table, a personal item from an aunt of the bride or a centerpiece.  Each player has to go grab their item and get into a chair.  The last person doesn’t get a chair and has to choose a month on a pre-made calendar.  The bride and groom will have pre-written tasks and favors on the calendar.  To be fair no one who is playing should know what the tasks are or what month each is assigned.  Tasks can include washing the groom’s car in August, baking the couple a pie in November or other tasks specific to the couple.  The game ends when all the tasks are assigned.  The last person who doesn’t get a task, instead they get a small gift basket or other gift from the bride and groom.

You can also do who knows the bride/Who knows the groom trivia – As each player gets an answer wrong they get assigned a task in a calendar month in the same way as if you are playing musical chairs or musical treasure hunt.

The wedding and wedding reception are hectic and don’t need to be the only chance the happy couple have to celebrate with their friends and family.

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