Keep Them Guessing With Unconventional Wedding Invitations

If formal wedding invitations just aren’t your thing, you’re probably looking for an alternative. Sure, you could try a plain single panel with all the pertinent information in your favorite colors, but where’s the fun in that? Do something a little unexpected and go with one of these designs for your wedding invitations. And if you’re not sure you want to commit to the unconventional look for the proper invites, consider an off-the-wall single panel for your Save the Dates!

Stay subdued but still delicious by using these Serena 2-Layer wedding invitations in chocolate and mint. The swirled pattern has just enough whimsy to perk up this tasty combination of colors, and you might even consider extending the color theme to your wedding – imagine mint-green bridesmaid dresses with chocolate brown sashes, and a chocolate mint cake!

Want to add a shot of Southern whimsy to your wedding invitations? Use these adorable Peach Bucket Invitations (discontinued) for an Atlanta affair, or even one that simply takes place in a backyard garden in high summer. You can even use these as a whimsical nod to your favorite shade if you’re going with a peach-themed wedding. A whole peach cake might be a little much, but peach bellinis and peach-themed centerpieces could be a juicy good time!

If your taste in art and design runs more toward Mondrian than watercolor still lifes, bring that pop-art spirit to your wedding invitations with the Lime & Red Colorblock Squares (discontinued). It’s not quite the same as saying no florals allowed, but you’ll likely get a sharper-dressed crowd if you drop hints like this. Now, best of luck pulling off the lace-free wedding of your postmodern dreams!

Sometimes your wedding invitations don’t have to say anything other than that you really liked the invitation. If that’s your take on it, send out these fabulous Tweed Lime Invitations (discontinued) in shocking fuchsia and lime-green herringbone tweed. You know how to have fun, so show that with your wedding invitations! After all, it’s your ceremony, and you’ll only have it once. If there’s ever a time to show off your unconventional spirit, why not make it now?

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