How To Specify Entrees on Place Cards

Designer table stationery turns information into decoration… right down to the tiniest details, like notating what your guests will be having for dinner.  By the time you order table stationery all of the big decisions are out of the way — your wedding colors chosen, invitations designed, and decor picked out — which will make deciding upon menus and table cards all that much easier.  If you’re serving a sit down meal, however, be sure not to overlook one small, but important, detail: communicating to your servers which guests receive what entrees.  We have a few creatively simple ways to specify your wedding guests’ meal preferences right on their custom designed place cards!

creative ways to specify wedding guests' entree selections on place cards

  • Spelling it out is about as simple as you can get.  No guesswork, just a straightforward message that reads beautifully when incorporated into your place card design.
  • Icons are equally as easy, but can be seem a bit more discreet.  They can also be played up as part of your design depending on the style of your wedding.
  • Choosing an accent area and changing the color per meal choice is a clever alternative that will not distract at all from your design.  The dot on our Cosmopolitan place card (pictured above) works well, but we can apply this same idea to any design you choose!
  • Adding color coded layers to your place cards is incredibly easy and plenty visible for your servers to make out.
  • As an elegant alternative to simply changing colors, you can opt to use crystals to denote particular meal choices.  When there are only two entree selections, you can choose to use a crystal to mark one, leaving other place cards as is OR, of course, you could color code your crystals as well!  Just be sure they are noticeably different so the servers can tell them apart during the reception.

How will you be styling your place cards? 

As always you can find more wedding planning inspiration and helpful how-tos on Pinterest!

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