How To Make Your Wedding Invitations Look Expensive

Just because you have a limited budget for your wedding invitations, it doesn’t mean they have to look it! Handmade engraved invitations might be outside your budgetary constraints, but you can easily imitate some of the richness that goes along with pricey wedding invitations with these tips.

Thermography: Sure, engraved wedding invitations might be in the cards for others, but you’d rather have a few extra guests or a nicer cake! Just because you’re not willing to pony up for the real thing, though, doesn’t mean you can’t get away with a look just as attractive. Thermography offers the same raised look of engraved wedding invitations at a fraction of the cost, making it one of the most popular methods for printing.

Folio: When you want a shortcut to class, folio wedding invitations are a sure shot. Choose a metallic shade like bronze or classic metallic ecru to add a sheen of glitz to your invitations without being overly flashy.

Vellum: When people are expecting expensive wedding invitations, it’s easy enough to fool them – just go traditional with vellum-accented invitations. Elegant vellum paper gives wedding invitations a rich look, and it’s common enough that springing for that accent won’t break the bank.

Gold: As modern humans, we’re hardwired to think gold = rich. After all, 24k is the standard – even as much as platinum has made inroads on the luxury market, it’s still quickest, easiest, and shiniest to go for the gold.