How to Cope with the Most Common Wedding Day Mishaps with Grace

It is absolutely impossible to predict everything that could go wrong on your wedding day. Even the best laid plans can get ruined.  If you are using a wedding planner they have probably seen it all and always have a plan B in place.  Even if there is a plan B available it can be hard not to get upset and over react.  So here are some tips on avoiding some of the most common snafus, and how to cope if they happen anyway.

  • The ring bearer or flower girl refuses to go down the aisle. This is why we rehearse!  With young children it is a good idea to rehearse this part over and over at the rehearsal until they are comfortable with it.  Sometimes regardless of rehearsal they will get stage fright and be overwhelmed by the presence of all the guests.  Maybe they are just having a cranky day since everyone’s attention is elsewhere.  A good solution here is to have a parent or close trusted adult of the child discreetly stand at the other end of the aisle with a treat.  Then tell the child all they have to do is walk to the person to get it!  Cheap trick?  Maybe, but it works!  Also make sure they are being reassured how important their job is and how much everyone wants to see them walk down the aisle.  Kids get jealous easily, make sure they know that part of the spotlight is theirs and you can’t wait to see how big they could smile on the tape.  Also don’t forget your ring bearer and flower girl when getting bridal party gifts. It makes them feel more like a part of the event rather than a sideline performer.
  • My aunt spilled her wine on my dress right before the ceremony. Here is where prevention is key!  Ban all juices, dark lipsticks and juices from the room where you will be waiting before the ceremony.  Make a joke about it citing your own paranoia and stories you have heard.  Enlist an attendant to enforce it so there is one less thing you need to handle. If it happens despite your precautions, do your best to hide the stain.  Pin the dress, use chalk to temporarily white it out or adjust your cape, veil or other accessories to try to hide it. A tide pen or other quick fix laundry product can be a life saver. If all else fails just remember the day is about you not your dress.
  • 15 people who didn’t RSVP came anyway and we are short on seating. Most caterers are prepared for a few extra guests.  A good idea is to call anyone who hasn’t RSVPed when you have to give the final guest count to see if there is a chance they are coming.  Pad your final guest count by 5 or so and hope for the best.  Caterers usually have a contingency seating plan or can easily put another table in the space if needed.
  • I have planned an outdoor ceremony and it is raining. Once again being prepared is best.  Have a tent company on standby or choose a venue that can move you to an indoor space if necessary.  If all else fails send someone out for some nice white or color appropriate umbrellas.  And remember they say rain on your wedding day is good luck!
  • My DJ (or band) is a no-show. Be sure to confirm all dates, times and locations before the ceremony.  You want to do this with all your vendors not just the entertainment.  Have a number or two for DJs who may be able to come on short notice in case something should happen. No matter how much you prepare things can go wrong.  The entertainment could be in a car accident for example or fall very ill. If all else fails hook an iPod or mp3 player to the venues stereo system and wing it.  Having one on hand with a play list of any important songs is probably a good idea. It never hurts to have a CD player and speakers on hand just in case.
  • The baker hasn’t delivered the wedding cake.  My wedding cake melted during the ceremony.  The caterers dropped my wedding cake. You want to confirm the delivery of your cake in advance and that there is an appropriate place to store it until it is needed.  Things happen anyway; however, and you still have a few options.  Sheet cakes are readily available at neighborhood grocery stores.  You may even have a local bakery with a faux cake you can borrow for pictures and be able to discreetly cut the sheet cake out of sight of guests.  Or just send someone for cupcakes and act like that was the original plan.  The cupcake trend is big right now anyway.  And so much easier to smoosh in the groom’s face!  Though you may want to make sure you discussed doing this ahead of time.  No-one likes such surprises!