How to Cope with the Most Common Wedding Day Mishaps with Grace – Continued

  • The best man forgot to bring the rings. Bringing them yourself and handing them to the best man before the ceremony, is probably your best bet.  If the rings are forgotten you can use your parent’s rings for the ceremony and have yours blessed later.  If it is realized far enough before the ceremony you can send someone to get them, but sometimes it is best to go with the flow rather than risk something else going wrong.
  • The bride or groom is a no-show. First you want to try to reach the missing party to see what the issue is.  Once it is clear they really aren’t coming, you want to have someone dismiss the guests with an apology and minimal explanation and have ushers start helping them out.  If the scorned party is too emotional to do this have their maid of honor or best man do it.  Play referee for the scorned party and limit access to them.  Tell people they just want some time alone.  DO NOT start badmouthing the no-show.  Don’t loudly proclaim how you never like him or her because it is impossible to know what the future holds.
  • The bride (or groom’s) intoxicated ex is trying to make a toast and it isn’t going well. The best way to avoid this is to screen the guest list carefully.  Alcohol tends to bring out a different side in people; however, and sometimes scenes like this can’t be avoided.  Have someone join the offender at the mic and join in on the rant momentarily then take over the mic.  For example if the offending party is sharing inappropriate stories have the person join in with a story of their own.  Having another person help in removing or calming the person after the disaster is neutralized.  If all else fails you have ushers for a reason.  Have the person removed and make a joke after.
  • The bride has a huge pimple the day of the ceremony. It is a little hard to prepare for this one.  A compress placed on the offending spot and some creative make up application is really all you can do!  And try not to worry about it.  Stress is horrid for your complexion!
  • My maid of honor is a no-show. This day is really all about the bride and groom.  By all means try to reach her and maybe delay a few minutes if you can, but “the show must go on” regardless.  Don’t have the next bridesmaid in line hold your bouquet or place it on the chair your maid of honor would have been using.  Don’t ask someone to completely take her place. It isn’t fun to be considered second choice.
  • One of my guests have had way too much to drink. The only way to prepare for this is to set a limit on drinks or have the bartender use his or her discretion.  Speak with the bartender beforehand about any guests that may be an issue and set general guidelines.  Have virgin coolers and drinks available to substitute.  Having a trusted friend or family member point out the guests you are worried about to the bartender at the actual event is also a good idea.  Also make sure any guests that do get overly inebriated aren’t driving.  Have the number for a good taxi service on hand or have someone drive them home.
  • The bride, groom or an important guest have fallen ill the day of the ceremony. Unless it is the bride or groom and they are unable to make it through the ceremony you should continue as planned.  A brief announcement and asking people for their prayers for the ill person can be made.  If the illness is severe like a heart attack or car accident and it is crucial for the bride or groom to get to the hospital by all means postpone the wedding.  The officiant may be willing to preside over the vows at the hospital or things can be rescheduled.  Wedding insurance should cover these situations but make sure you know the details of your policy in advance.

Wedding insurance can be a very good investment to help you recoup any financial losses from these and other disasters.  You may not need it but better safe than sorry.

No matter what goes wrong it is important to see the humor or remember that this day is only the first day of your marriage.  The marriage is the important part, not the wedding day.