Hidden Wedding Budget Pitfalls

Little costs and charges add up in any budget.  This is especially true of wedding budgets. It is easy to fit the big charges for things like catering, photography and wedding invitations into a wedding budget.  If a couple isn’t careful it can be easy to overlook small charges and go well over budget without even realizing it. Here are some common add on charges and little things that arise in planning a wedding.  It can be easy to lose track of them.

Candies – Whether it is for favor boxes or a full on candy bar, candy can quickly add to the costs for a wedding.  A wedding will likely require ten or even more pounds of candy and that is just for simple favor boxes.  Even the cheapest of candies will start to climb in price in those amounts.  Be sure to shop around for candies and budget realistically according to what you find.

Undergarments – Stockings and other new undergarments for a wedding can be costly especially if you are purchasing something special.  Brides should look around as soon as they have a general idea of what they want to get the costs budgeted into the wedding budget.

Fees with the caterers, venues and other wedding vendors – Couples should be sure to know what is included in the contracts with all their venues.  The reception hall may say setup and take down is included but does that include decoration or will there be extra fees for that?  Does the estimate that your florist gave you include out of town delivery?  How many photos exactly are included in your photography package?  Will you have to pay extra for a wedding album? It is easy for these fees to add up quickly with just a little bit going to each vendor.  Being prepared and knowing what should be included and what will have to be paid extra for will help avoid shortfalls in the wedding budget.

Impulse purchases – It is easy to spot a great deal on a bridal hairpiece at a departments store and buy it immediately.  And that may be a great idea.  Just be sure to put the purchase into you wedding budget. Small purchases quickly add up to large amounts.

Changing your mind – So many brides buy a jewelry set before seeing it with their dress and wind up changing their minds.  Another mistake is buying candles or another element of centerpieces and then choosing to go with flowers instead.  Think on decisions quite a bit before making them.  It may not be easy to sell/resell them at full price and many wedding items are non refundable.

Alterations – When shopping for a wedding gown it is easy to spend the entire amount budgeted on just the dress.  That does not leave room for any alterations or special undergarments.  Also, if a veil, tiara and other accessories haven’t been budgeted for separately, they most likely need to be deducted from the dress budget as well.