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Hello, hello!  If you were around last year, you likely got a glimpse of me riding the wedding planning roller coaster; I shared the ups and downs of crafting my special day monthly as Handmade Bride.  The day came and went and the fella and I are happy newlyweds.  I haven’t stopped making and doing and so the adventures continue as I kick off the new year as Handmade Newlywed!

wedding guestbook idea, painting for guests to sign

This month I’m simply sharing how we transitioned some of our wedding day decor into our home.  My most favorite piece is this painting I did based on an engagement photo of the mister and me holding hands in front of the “A” of CAM (Contemporary Art Museum) in downtown Raleigh.  The large canvas served as our guestbook and now as one of my most loved pieces of art.  Though I have actually stood in front of it and read every note and name, each time I pass it by I catch something new and smile.

repurposed signage, initials, letters, wedding decor

wedding decor initials, letters, striped, glitter

Prior to the wedding I repurposed some old (and new) letters, painting them, adding a little bit of glitter (tastefully!), and even silver leafing one.  Post-wedding, they make fun home decor too.  Some of our fabric birds have made an appearance in the den as well, along with a few white branches (shown above).

Have you thought about how you might reuse your wedding decor after the big day?

I’ll be starting a new Handmade Newlywed Pinterest board, full of home projects, party decor, and neat ideas for the newlywed home… come see!

handmade newlywed graphic, crafts and things

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