Kasey + Adam: Classmates to Soulmates

As diligent students at Cornell, Kasey and Adam had eight(!) classes together — and noticed one another from across the lecture hall — before finally meeting during their third(!) year. In January 2007, they were both biochemistry teaching assistants at the study center. Kasey sneakily signed up for the same shifts as Adam, and over the semester the two got to know each other. In fact, they found that once they started talking to each other, they couldn’t stop!

Kasey + Adam, scholars in love

Their first few “dates” included casual activities from joint library trips and eating dinner on campus before study center shifts, to driving to Cortland for Doug’s Fish Fry. Then finally K + A went on their first “real” date to Maxie’s Supper Club.  The studious pair spent that summer in Ithaca for a research program, and that’s when they realized they were meant to be together.

After graduation, Kasey moved to New Haven to start a PhD program, and Adam went to University of Pittsburgh for medical school. So began a four-year saga of long distance: phone calls, video chats, and a grand total of 87 flights! (Yes, they counted!)

Kasey + Adam's wedding rings

They visited back and forth every 3-4 weeks, but with their busy schedules, spending any holidays together was nearly impossible. In October 2010, the weekend before Kasey’s 24th birthday, Adam went up to celebrate with her and then flew back to Pittsburgh. On her birthday, Kasey arrived home from the lab expecting an empty apartment while she waited for her family to arrive and take her out for dinner. Instead, she opened the door to find delicious smells, a dozen roses, her favorite music playing, candles, wine, and best of all, Adam! He got down on one knee (with a ring he’d been toting around for a month) and proposed, telling her everything he loved about her. After receiving the answer he’d hoped for, he sat her down for an amazing dinner he’d spent all day preparing: cheese fondue with multiple kinds of bread, fruit, and veggies for dipping, halibut and salmon fondue, five-cheese Scooby Doo macaroni, and chocolate fondue with fruit, cookies, pound cake, and Rice Krispies Treats to dip! All of her favorites.

“I’m not sure whether it was my actual proposal that influenced her decision, or the smells of a multitude of cheeses, [but] she said YES and the rest is history. Then we ate like pigs and lived happily ever after,” Adam said.

To their profound joy, Adam matched for residency at Yale and they could finally live together in June 2012, just a few months before their October 6th wedding.

Kasey + Adam's wedding invitations from The Green Kangaroo

They settled on a green and brown theme incorporating lots of natural elements because of Adam’s hobby of woodworking and their shared love of the outdoors. Given their theme, they were thrilled to find The Green Kangaroo’s Linden Tree Pocket Wedding Invitation (discontinued) when shopping online for invitations. When she got the sample in the mail, Kasey was wowed by the beautiful, vibrant inks, and found TGK very easy to work with.

“I asked [TGK] to customize the pieces so that all of the insert cards in the pocket lined up to make one continuous design, and [they] totally captured exactly what I had envisioned without any extra charges, which I really appreciated! Plus I used a roo-pon, and also elected to self-assemble (and by “self” I mean my awesome mom, who put all of the invitations together herself!), so we got an amazing product at an incredible deal.”

Kasey made her own wedding day stationery with the help of a graphic designer friend.

Kasey loves working in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and had a definite vision for wedding day stationery. Using a monogrammed motif created by a graphic designer friend, she laid out the menus, programs, escort cards, favor tags, etcetera herself.

Just some of Kasey + Adam's DIY reception decor.

Using lots of inspiration from Pinterest, Etsy, and bridal magazines, Kasey made a long list of DIY projects that Adam and their families helped create. Adam made the cake topper on the scroll saw, as well as a gorgeous wood hanger for Kasey’s dress, tie bars for himself and the groomsmen, and picture frames and twig easels to display family pictures. Together, they made the table numbers — he cut slices from a small fallen tree and routered numbers on the surfaces, and she painted them and tied ribbons to hang them from ornament stands. They also made the guest book together — he made a huge wooden shadowbox and cut the shape of a tree and branches out of a thin piece of wood, and Kasey cut out hundreds of green paper leaves, which their guests signed with gold markers.

“We put a lot of effort into making as many DIY projects as we could, because we really wanted the wedding to reflect us as a couple and we both really enjoyed that process.”

Adam’s mom made cutting boards from wood donated by Adam’s grandfather, which were given out as favors with their favorite recipe attached to the front. Kasey’s parents tied countless ribbons and assembled everything for the stationery and favors.

Pieces of family history included in the wedding day.

Both family’s histories were highlighted on the wedding day in several ways. Kasey’s dress was from Priscilla of Boston, the same designer worn by both her mother and grandmother on their wedding days. She wore her late grandmother’s jade ring and borrowed her mother’s pearl bracelet. One of her good family friends gave her pins with pictures of her deceased relatives so she could pin them to the handle of her bouquet. The ceremony was officiated by a good family friend of Adam’s grandparents, who had also performed the wedding ceremony for Adam’s parents thirty years ago! They displayed wedding photographs from each of set of parents and grandparents, and snapshots of K + A as kids.

“Overall, our wedding had a really warm feel, and we involved our families and friends in as many aspects as we could, from our parents helping with all of the wedding day prep, to members of my undergrad theatre troupe singing at our church ceremony. Because we made so many things ourselves (and customized others, such as our TGK invitations), everything had a one-of-a-kind, just-for-us feel to it. We were also so lucky to be surrounded by such love — we had family members travel from all over the country and Canada, and amazing friends that made such a huge effort to be there … from the West Coast, Grenada, and even Africa!”

Kasey dancing with her guests at the reception.

The most unexpected part of the day came from the best man and maid of honor, close friends of K + A since college; they did an incredible tag-team toast. Following the amazing speech, they surprised us by calling up friends from Kasey’s undergrad theatre troupe, “Anything Goes” (16 members of which managed to make it to the wedding from all over the world!), to sing “Seasons of Love” from Rent together, the song with which they closed all their concerts. Kasey was able to surprise them all in return by having their reception band, Arcadia, learn “Wedding Day” from The Wedding Singer musical, one of their favorite dance numbers. This inevitably lead to an impromptu takeover of the dance floor!

Adam and Kasey take each other in as the ceremony commences.

So often, there are a too many incredible memories from the wedding day to pick one favorite moment. Such is the case for K + A! They loved seeing how happy their guests were, and it truly felt amazing to have all of their friends and family in one place. Kasey puts it rather perfectly:

“I think one of my favorite moments was when the doors to the church opened and I started walking down the aisle. The pews were packed and it felt surreal to see everyone I know and love staring at me, the bride! Then to cap it all off, rounding the corner and seeing Adam’s face at the altar was when it really sunk in — the planning is over, and we are about to get married! From then on, the whole day was a whirlwind, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget the butterflies I felt in that moment of anticipation, excitement, and pure joy.”

Kasey + Adam strolling

All photographs courtesy of Janelle Brooke Photography.

Ceremony: Roslyn Presbyterian Church
Reception: Royalton Mansion at Roslyn Country Club

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