Great Locations for Honeymooning Couples Looking For a Desert Escape

Deserts feature some of the most breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders on earth, though many of them will never be appreciated for it.  There is much more to be found in deserts than sand, cacti and heat. You can find thriving towns and communities in deserts. Some desert locations have become great travel locations and feature plenty of things to do besides hiking and viewing the gorgeous landscape.  Desert resorts are home to some of the world’s finest spas and amazing local dining.  Here are some locations for people considering a beautiful desert honeymoon.  It would be impossible to name them all so here are some of the best to start the search.

Scottsdale, Arizona – The 184 or so square miles that are Scottsdale, Arizona get more sunshine than any other part of the United States. The average temperature in January is over 50 degrees and on average, Scottsdale only receives seven inches of rain annually. The low level of humidity makes even high temperatures bearable. Yes, it’s a dry heat. It is a true desert town but that doesn’t mean it is deserted.  Scottsdale is a world renowned mecca with over 125 galleries.  Old Scottsdale still has wooden sidewalks. There is something to celebrate year round in Scottsdale with world renowned car auctions, horse shows, art festivals and more. Scottsdale features everything from historical interest to nature exploration to world class all-inclusive resorts. There is a little bit of something for everyone with over 2,500 retail shops, over 500 restaurants, some 200 golf courses and over 500 acres of developed park lands.  Scottsdale also features many lakes and miles upon miles of recreational trails. Scottsdale is the perfect example of how modern man can survive and thrive in the desert heat. Check out the resorts in Scottsdale or find a quaint bed and breakfast in Old Scottsdale. Scottsdale feels less like a desert honeymoon but has all the perks, and the good weather.

Joshua Tree National Park, California – This national park isn’t full of trees and streams like those that may normally come to mind.  The Joshua Tree is a fibrous tree that thrives in the desert climate.  Joshua Tree National Park actually contains parts of two deserts.  Parts of the Mojave Desert and parts of the Colorado Desert make up this reserved and protected area. You won’t find all-inclusive resorts but there are nine different campsites with varying degrees of comforts.  A self-guided driving tour is a must see for those with a four wheel drive vehicle.  There are about 250 species of bird in this area so it is wonderful for bird watchers.  There are trails both for beginners and enthusiasts, many of them are accessible right from the campsites. Rock climbing is popular in this park as well. It is a great desert experience for couples who love to camp with a few available amenities.