Great Locations for Honeymooning Couples Looking For a Desert Escape – Continued

Namib Desert, Namibia (Namib-Naukluft National Park) – As climates shift and change over time deserts come and go.  The Namib Desert is thought to have endured arid conditions for millions of years and is considered the world’s oldest desert. The Namib-Naukluft National Park includes some of this desert. This park is the largest game reserve in Africa and one of the largest in the world.  Some areas of the park are inaccessible and much of the Namib Desert is unpopulated. There are quite a few settlements though and camping “resorts”. The landscapes here are incredible and there are quite a few points of interest that are must-see for adventurous honeymooners. Many of the year round settlements are at Sesriem, which is close to the famous Sossusvlei.  It is here that high orange sand dunes surround flat white salt plains.  It is a sight you have to see to believe and understand. This park covers over 19,000 miles and has rivers, mountains, rocky outcrops and all the desert wildlife you can imagine. A ride in a hot air balloon or a light aircraft will give you a gorgeous view of the vastness of the Namib Desert. The town of Swakopmund on the edge of the desert offers a sampling of all the people of the area and is a great place to find these flights. There are even some sand dunes outside this area that are meant for adventuring.  You can even find sand skiing.  The sand dunes in the Namib Desert are the highest in the world and said to be the most photographed.  The Namib Desert entails a sense of humility and beauty.  This location is not for honeymooners who are seeking luxury, but beauty and adventure.

Desert Islands, Abu Dhabi – Abu Dhabi is an island desert. It is home to impressive cultural institutions and is a bustling area of commerce and progress. The area is Muslim so pork is only sold to non-Muslims in designated areas and the sale of alcohol is regulated.  Chances are you can have drinks in your hotel, but otherwise you may need a permit. Abu Dhabi has a wide variety of attractions and feels like another world to honeymooning couples from the United States.  The waterfront and beaches are impressive. The parks in Abu Dhabi are also brag worthy. 50 million dollars was spent building one of the most impressive parks, Khalifa Park, which houses its own aquarium, museum, train, play parks and gorgeous formal gardens. Desert safaris and helicopter tours are available for adventurous honeymooning couples.  Many hotels will offer swimming, dance and aerobics classes and other great activities.  The concierges at most hotels are very accommodating and can help you find plenty to do.  It is a very organized area so it may be best to schedule your plans in advance but many activities can be booked by your hotel staff as little as a day in advance. Abu Dhabi has a great selection of malls and shops.  Pricing tends to be very competitive and there is no sales tax, but be sure to be aware of custom regulations on the way back. Abu Dhabi is very traveler friendly and is sure to fill a honeymoon album with loads of memorable pictures.

Desert honeymoons offer a wide variety of experiences.  They can offer the finest luxuries or humbling natural beauty. Spas, pools, hiking, campsites and everything you can imagine are available in desert areas; it is all about finding the right area.

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