Great Honeymoon Choices for Couples Who Love the Nightlife

Most couples have a party after their wedding.  However wedding receptions are essentially parties meant to thank the wedding guests. Most couples have been in non-stop planning mode from the time they became engaged straight through choosing and sending wedding invitations and started counting R.S.V.P.s right up until the day of the wedding and wedding reception. Some couples really need to relax after this ordeal.  Other newlywed couples want to be able to celebrate for themselves.  Here are some excellent honeymoon options for couples who love the nightlife.

Las Vegas

What couple doesn’t at least briefly consider the idea of changing the wedding invitations to wedding announcements sent from Las Vegas? While a wild, spur of the moment elopement may not be in the cards for everyone, don’t count out Las Vegas as an exciting honeymoon location that is full of glitz and glam.  Las Vegas is so much more than just casinos.  With all the glitz and glam it is an excellent place to party and celebrate.  They have black tie shows and dinners, casinos, bars and food choices that are out of this world.  Honeymooning couples have a great selection of places to stay and things to do and see.  The choices are really endless.  You can eat at buffets or fine restaurants, go to black tie events or put on some jeans and hit a black jack table.  The great part about Vegas is there is so much to do at any time of the day it is perfect for any honeymooning couple’s schedule.


Rio is the ultimate party town for nightlife.  From backstreet restaurants in Copacabana, to the lively clubs sitting in restored 200 year old buildings in the Lapa district there is something for every type of night owl. The dancing and music are world class and sure to have even the most awkward bride or groom on their feet throwing cares to the wind.  Brazil even has a national drink called the caipirinha made with Brazilian sugar cane rum, sugar and crushed lime.  From the gorgeous beaches to the historic cities, there is something happening every night in Rio de Janeiro. Rio’s version of Mardi Gras, called Carnival, is world renowned and the entire city celebrates.  Rio pulls out the stops for other holidays as well such as New Year’s Eve. The great thing about Rio is that there are other things to do at night besides party, drink and dance the night away.  You can spend one evening in the nightly craft and gift market located at the far end of Copacabana Beach. Handmade gifts, soccer jerseys and dolls are just a few of the highlights you will find there.


Tahitians are known for loving life and wanting to get everything they can out of every hour of the day. Tahiti is another great honeymoon spot that is known for its beaches and cuisine.  Tahiti doesn’t go to sleep when the sun goes down either. From the usual night clubs and bars, to Polynesian dancing shows, any honeymooning couple can find something to do at night in Tahiti. Just taking an evening walk in Tahiti can be entertaining as you are likely to stumble upon street shows that include dancing and fire breathing. After a long day of safaris, canyon exploration and even shark feeding, Tahiti offers even more to a honeymooning couple.  There is so much to do it can be hard to squeeze in downtime, so be sure to allow time for sleeping in.

St. Lucia

This is a beautiful honeymoon location with some 19,000 acres of mountains and valleys covered in the lush vegetation of a rain forest. The famous Diamond Falls and the world’s only “drive-in” volcano attract honeymooners and vacationers from all over the world. St. Lucia is home to many rare species and some species of birds and wildlife found there are thought to exist nowhere else in the world.  With so much to see during the day in St. Lucia you may be too exhausted to enjoy the nightlife, but for the honeymooning couple who is ready to party, St. Lucia really knows how to party.  From clubs and bars, to late night pizzerias and eateries St. Lucia has all the basic night life elements you could hope to experience. Steel pan bands and BBQ served all night are some trademarks of local night life locations in St. Lucia.  There may not be as many choices in St. Lucia for night life but the choices that are available are some of the best.


Montreal is famous for its night life.  It may not be a typical honeymoon location but for a couple that is looking to get away and party all night long it may be just what the doctor ordered.  Montreal is filled with night clubs, jazz clubs, cigar lounges and pubs that really know how to get the party started. The clubs in Montreal have something for everyone.  Each club has its own unique atmosphere, decor and dining style so there is something for every crowd.  Checking into a few places in advance is a good idea to get an idea of where to start, but honeymooners in Montreal should be ready for adventure and changing plans at a moment’s notice.

A honeymoon is a great time to relax and unwind. It can also be a great chance to really let loose and have fun with your new spouse.  These honeymoon suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to locations that have a great night life. Pack your most comfortable shoes and get ready to dance the night away.