Golf Course Romance

A very good friend’s son is getting married in a month or so. It’s truly a destination wedding, although the destination is our local public golf course!

This is an unusual but perfectly appropriate venue for them to tie the knot. They grew up together on this course, even competing against each other in local tournaments. They went off to different colleges, each playing golf at the Division 1 level.

It was a long courtship, in distance and time, and was finally made official after a round of golf when he placed the ring and the “Will You Marry Me?” sign on the flag stick of the 18th hole. To a young lady with golf in her blood, this was the most romantic, memorable and irresistible proposal ever. There was never any question of her reply, as she leapt into his arms sobbing.

Those of us of a certain age, this is all new. Like our parents and siblings, my wife and I had the most conventional white bread wedding in a church on a hot June day. I suffered as a groom and I’m sure our guests suffered too, right through the boring reception. Luckily, 35 years later the marriage has been anything but boring.

This promises to be a lighthearted fest, quick, easy, cheap and relaxed for the couple and the guests. The parents and friends have commended their originality and their desire not to spend a lot of money on a wedding that can go to better things.

More importantly, this is a ceremony I actually look forward to. I can’t say that I have enjoyed many weddings in the past, as it is just not that fun to get dressed up and hang around a church and reception hall, often spoiling a good weekend. I know, I’m pure man, selfish and loutish, but I’m sure I speak for many guys out there who are forced by wives and family to attend these things. When the beer keg is in sight of the “altar”, that just cannot be a be a bad thing.

The really odd thing is, the game that brought them together, and is providing the sacred ground for the ceremony, is in their rear view mirror. Neither one has the time or desire to play anymore. Between grad school and long work hours, golf has lost its allure. As a bachelor/bachelorette party, they will have an outing at the course, and that will be a fond farewell for a few years, at least.

Don’t think we haven’t kidded him that this is just the beginning of the sacrifices marriage will mean. He just looks at us smiles and says, “It’s a fair trade.”

Good luck and God’s grace on your wedding and new life together Katherine and Michael…

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