Flower Dogs

Your wedding is a day to be shared with the people that you love and cherish most in the world. Sometimes your favorite people aren’t “people” at all. I, for one, have given my heart to a golden retriever named Harper. She’s my little girl and I love her dearly. She wasn’t around when my husband and I tied the knot, but if she had been, we would have eagerly included her in our day!

This post is dedicated to our “other” babies … our furry children. I think it’s darling when couples include their animals in their wedding ceremony. I know that it’s not for everyone, but this trend is one I can certainly get on board with! Here are a few of my favorite “flower dogs” … I know, I know, most are goldens. They are my favorite and I just can’t help myself!

Images: A bulldog bride & groom; the perfect flower girla 4-legged wedding party; a lady in gray 

For more furry wedding party fun, visit my Pinterest board!

Did you have your pet/s in your wedding? Tell us about it!

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