Eyebrow Grooming Tips

Your eyebrows say more than you may realize. They help to shape your face and definitely aid in pulling your over-all appearance together. They supply an outline to your eyes and help to frame your face.

For eyebrow grooming you pretty much just have two choices, that of tweezing or waxing. There are pros and cons to both. Of course you want to be happy with your decision. So let us help you to decide.

If you choose to tweeze at home, we have some tips for you.

When choosing tweezers, choose ones with a really strong angle at the bottom the more the angle the easier it is to grab the hairs.

As far as numbing goes, there seems to be a bit of a debate. While some say to use an ice cube in effort to help numb the nerve endings, others say to use a hot washcloth. The ice will definitely numb the skin and aid in the effort to have minimal pain but a warm wash cloth will help numb the skin and possibly open the hair follicle so that it is easier to pull the hair out.

The pros say your best bet for at home brow shaping is to just follow your natural brow. Start by plucking out any stray hairs whether they are creeping out way past your brow toward your ear or up toward your forehead. As far as where to begin, hold your index finger next to the bridge of your noise. Anything that extends inward past where your finger lies needs plucked away.

If you choose to shape them up, use an eyebrow pencil and draw in how you would like your eyebrow to look. Then use that as a guide and follow the outline plucking the hairs that fall outside the line.

Avoid plucking a lot at once, keep stepping back and triple checking your work. The last thing you want are uneven brows. It may help to have a friend over as well to help you determine the evenness of the arches and thickness of the entire brow itself. Be sure to keep up with your plucking. Going over your brows and plucking away strays every other week should ensure that they stay in shape.

If you choose to go to a salon and wax, there is less stress on you as long as you can tell your aesthetician how you would like your brows to appear and let her do the work. More often than not your aesthetician will follow your natural brow lines and arch. However we do suggest having a picture from a magazine or a really good description of what you want, if you have very specific ideas about how you want them to look.

Just like tweezing, if you have your brows waxed you will have to keep up with it. Bi-weekly trips (depending on how fast your hair grows back) may be required to keep up your look and maintain shape.

Waxing can be just like plucking a bit painful however the pain is over quite quickly. Your aesthetician will typically rub soothing cream onto the inflamed area when finished. This reduces inflammation and pain, it usually smells good too!

Going to a salon does mean you will have to pay someone to do them for you. Obviously at home tweezing is free (with the exception of the purchase of your own tools). The prices of eyebrow waxing vary from salon to salon and city to city. You’ll probably pay anywhere from $8.00 to $20.00.





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