Do It Yourself Favors – Ice Cream in a Jar

Make your own edible jars are becoming increasingly popular both as gifts and favors. You may have gotten a jar with the ingredients for hot cocoa or cookies over the holidays. Maybe someone gave you all the fixings for a cake in your favorite flavor for your birthday. From drinks, to baked goods to s’mores these jars are the perfect favors for a wedding at any time of the year.
But what kind of jars should you make for your guests at a summer wedding? How about ice cream! Your guests would need to add some ice, but this would make a nice treat for out of town guests in a hotel because ice is readily available. Ice cream jars are easy to make and are sure to be a hit with your guests.

Things you will need:

 Gather these supplies before you start –
· fairly large mason jars – one per favor
· ribbon – to tie tags and instructions onto the jars
· small zip or snap close plastic bags (quart sized)
· packets of half and half (the kind the waitress gives you with your coffee. Hit a restaurant store to get them in bulk so it is a little cheaper.)
· rock salt
· vanilla powder (for variation add a little cocoa powder as well, but don’t skip the vanilla powder! Just add another 2 or 3 half and half packets to each jar)
· printed instructions for your guests – you can put these as a label on the jar or print them on tags and tie them on with the ribbon. The instructions should read: 1.) Fill your mason jar with ice halfway. And add the rock salt. 2.) Combine all the other ingredients in the plastic baggy. Seal the bag well. 3.) Put the bag in the jar with the ice and rock salt and shake well for about 5 minutes. 4.) Enjoy! You can put your own spin on the instructions or write them into a poem, be creative!
· thank you tags or personalized tags (optional, but tying them on the jars with the ribbon is a nice touch)

Creating your favors:

1.)Pour one cup of rock salt into the mason jar.

2.) Pour one tablespoon of sugar and one tablespoon of vanilla powder into a quart sized zipper bag.

3.) Put the bag of sugar and vanilla in the jar with the rock salt. Add 8 of the half and half packets.
4.) Tie or stick the thank you labels, instructions and any other decorations or tags you are using.
5.) Marvel at how easy and fun your new wedding favors are!

There are plenty of other creations you can make for your guests in mason jars. This is a great summer choice that will have your guests talking!

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