Do It Yourself Cork Coasters and Trivets

This fun and easy project is great for fall parties and gatherings and can be customized for any occasion year round.  Use them for a wine tasting, a football party, birthday parties and whatever else comes to mind.

What you will need:

  • wine corks (corks from a craft store or sheets of crafting cork board will also work)
  • hot glue gun and clear drying glue sticks
  • sharp craft knife
  • felt fabric

Optional- paints, cardboard, water resistant stamping ink

The basic assembly:

There are a few ways to create these. The basic idea is:

  1. Slice the corks in pieces of equal height. One quarter inch works well but all pieces need to be the same thickness.  If using sheets of craft cork cut circles using a template so they are all the same size.
  2. Arrange the cork pieces with the sides touching in the desired shape and then glue them together with the sides touching.  Be careful to keep the corks at a level height to create a flat surface
  3. Glue the felt onto the bottom of each coaster to prevent scratching of surfaces and help stabilize the coasters.

The cork circles can instead be glued to a piece of cardboard covered in felt for added stability. If using craft board, it can be simply cut to the desired shape and backed with felt.


Add a border to the coasters using shells, beads or other craft materials. Use a water resistant stamp with a monogram or other design on each cork circle.  Paint the coasters. Browse the craft store for ideas and don’t be afraid to ask input from the instructors that many stores have on staff.

Other Ways to Use This Project

Create cork invitations- Use card stock or pre-printed invitations and fasten them to a larger cork creation to use it as a border.  Add magnets to the back to give guests a fridge magnet reminder. Include a few pins so guests keep the magnet long after the part to secure notes and other reminders.  The invitation can be removed or replaced for long term use.

Create signage- These create very unique eye catching borders to use to display signs for events.

As a personalized message center- Create a large family message center using the cork circle concept.  Attach a pad of paper that can be replaced.  Pins to fasten reminders.  Tie ribbons at each corner for people to slide notes into.  Maybe even attach a calendar.

Cork is a great crafting item and has so many uses.  These are just a few.