DIY Wedding Invitations

And The DIY Wedding

Remarkably, since 60 percent of couples are living together these days, it only seems natural to have a small intimate Do-It-Yourself (DIY) wedding if that is your style. By extension, this will likely include crafting your own DIY Wedding Invitations as further example of that intimate ambiance you are hoping to convey now that you have decided to tie the knot. While many of the 60 percent of couples already share a home together, some who don’t may still elect to marry at the home of one of their parents or a trusted friend. Wedding invitations DIY styles vary just as much as a home venue might. Suffice it to say arranging all the details of a small and intimate affair can be managed simply, reducing the stress of a large wedding in the process.

The Home, The Farm, The Ranch

Depending on the type of home and property environment you have, or have access to, a natural theme can develop around it. Some couples choose to get married in the family’s living room, while others may choose a home garden wedding or out on the patio. Still other couples living in rural areas may elect to marry western style at the ranch or farm, having an old-fashioned square dance or hoedown as part of their celebration.

Couples can still keep it simple even if inviting more guests if a casual style is chosen. Some couples have even arranged for a classic potluck, allowing guests to participate in greater ways, further sharing in the happy couple’s celebration. While this might seem unusual to individuals with a more formal demeanor and lifestyle, for a couple who has already been living together, it may be entirely consistent with the rest of their lifestyle and friends and family network.

It Takes a Village

Enlisting friends to help decorate the outdoors, patio or living room, even help design your DIY wedding invitations, can be great fun too. DIY weddings can help reduce costs and the inclusiveness of loved ones joining in more of the wedding planning and execution brings greater meaning to the commitment you are now ready to make.

Finally, a DIY wedding at home or on the ranch garners a certain charm and memory other more formal affairs may not retain. So if planning a small wedding affair at home is consistent with your personality and lifestyle, you just might want to consider recruiting a cadre of loved ones to help with the many aspects of the nuptials, including helping design your DIY wedding invitations.

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