DIY: Keepsake Wedding Dress Earrings

handmade newlywed graphicHow many of you asked to keep the remnants from your wedding gown when you had it altered?  Do it, girls — you’ll be glad you did!  Prior to the wedding, I made the guys’ boutonnieres and wrapped just my groom’s in my wedding dress fabric.  I had thought about making these very earrings then, but I wanted to wear a pair my husband had given me instead.  As it turned out, he gave me a new pair on the morning of our wedding and I wore those!

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These keepsake wedding dress remnant earrings are great for newlyweds to make and wear and think about your wedding day, but they also make great bridal jewelry!  If you have plenty of fabric, these would also be super cute to make for your maids.

silver hoop earrings with wedding dress fabric, bridal jewelry, keepsake

1.  Supplies:  Jewelry wire (I used Sterling Silver 20g, but use what you like most), wedding dress fabric  |  Jewelry tools: round nose needle pliers, wire cutters, hammer, anvil, file

2.  Cut two lengths of wire at about 8″ depending on the size of hoop you want to end up with.  File one end of each; this will be the end you shape your ear hook from.  Bend the wire gently around a pen to create a nice curve near the end, refine with pliers.  Then put a slight angular bend near the very end.  Use an existing earring to base your shape on if you’d like.

3. From the hook you have just created, put a slight bend near where the base of your ear will be.  Now using your fingers, create your hoop, making your way back to the bend.  This can be more circular or any organic form you prefer.

4. With your pliers holding your hoop where you want it, wrap the excess wire around the bend in the hook once or twice.  Trim and then file any rough ends.

5. Cut two thin strips from your wedding dress remnants.  Mine are silk, so I chose to fray them slightly.  This is entirely optional.

6. Hammer the ear hooks and the hoops — this gives texture, while strengthening the form, however, this is also optional.

7. Tie on small knots of your fabric, trim to look like little bows and secure with a dot of glue near the top of your earrings!  Voila!

Did/will you use your wedding dress remnants for anything?

For more newlywed inspiration, check out my Handmade Newlywed Pinterest board!  

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