Different Types of Wedding Invitations and What They Say About You!

Your wedding invitations say exactly what your friends and family need to know about your upcoming nuptials – but did you know that they also have a little something to say about you? Find out what your wedding invitations reveal about who you really are!

Floral: Are your wedding invitations a floral feast? Whether it’s a pretty botanical print background or a real pressed blossom, flowered wedding invitations show that this bride is a girly girl to the last! Classic roses reveal the romantic in you, while cheery daisies match your sunny disposition.

Black: Black wedding invitations say one thing, and it’s that you’re classy through and through! You’re a city sophisticate, and your wedding will be as sleek and glamorous as your invitations, with anything from a sexy cocktail party dress code to a list of sublime specialty cocktails at the open bar!

White Panel: You’re a traditionalist, with an appreciation for the classics, the time-tested, the tried and true. A simple girl, you don’t need frills to get across your message – you’ll let the words speak for themselves. What’s important is that you’re getting married, and you don’t need any other than sweet sentiment when you’re after RSVPs.

Beribboned: Nothing says extra-special like wedding invitations decorated with ribbons! You’re a girl that likes presents, believing that the anticipation of opening one is almost as fine as the gift itself. Now you’ve extended this feeling to your wedding guests with charming beribboned wedding invitations.

Folio: When you announce events, you do it right. Folio wedding invitations recall the style of other important event invitations in your life, such as graduation, and they offer a stylistic echo of the professional look of a business portfolio. For the girl who means business, folio wedding invitations are the way to go.