Decorating Your Wedding with Garlands

When it comes to decorating for your wedding there are many different ways to do so.  From floral arrangements on the tables to  paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling and many, many more ideas. Lately garlands are becoming more popular than ever. Now we aren’t talking traditional crepe paper bells. No, what  we are talking about are the popular typically handcrafted  garlands. You’ve probably seen them on many crafting blogs, probably in a magazine or two by now. Depending on what kind you choose, you can make them or purchase them from crafters.

Last year paper pennants, also sometimes called bunting was popular. They are a type of garland typically paper or fabric cut in the traditional triangular shape and strong together. It is a type of garland.  Brides can use solid pieces in their wedding colors, all white for a bold look or really anything to tie in your personal style.

In recent years we’ve seen papel picado banner strings becoming very popular at weddings. For years these beautiful displays of traditional Mexican folk art have been decorating weddings, and other parties in Mexico and the southwest United States. They are however, quickly becoming popular across all cultures. These are typically made out of a durable yet tissue like paper with intricate designs cut through the paper. They may vary from floral patterns to exquisite geometric creations. These paper banners are incredibly beautiful to look at and can come in a variety of colors.

If you just can not get enough florals at your wedding consider a rose garland. Fresh of course! Speak with your florist about creating this beautiful looking and smelling addition to your decor. Your florist will know what types of foliage will look nicely with the roses and work well with staying fresh while being hung or draped.

For brides with a dreamy like wedding style consider faux butterflies from a craft store strung together with jewelry wire or fishing line. They can be elegantly showcased as though they are in mid flight.

For the whimsical bride who has no problem with not seeming “serious” pinwheels are a super cute option. They can be snapped off of their stems and strung for a fun look. Ideal for the wedding outdoors!

Winter weddings will look elegant and expensive with glass Christmas bulbs glued together in clusters and hung ever so carefully.

A popular and easy choice for the DIY bride is cupcake wrappers. We know that it may sound very childish, cheap even. But take a look online for a few photos and or a tutorial and you will see how adorable something so simple can be. This is a huge trend right now especially for the simple “less is more” crowd. They are popular at birthday parties and could make a terrific addition to your wedding decor.

Are you and your soon to be hubby oenophiles? Share your love of wine with your wedding guests by piercing holes through wine corks and stringing them as well. Near the bar would be the perfect spot!

Getting married in a ski lodge or country club? Consider making a garland from pine cones. Brush them with glue and white glitter for an exquisite winter look or leave them natural for a rustic appearance. There are several different places to put your garlands. From draped over the altar at the ceremony to along the backs of chairs or pews at the  ceremony site. Hang them along the front of the bar or hang them vertically in rows from just the corners of the bar. Elegantly hang them from the ceilings. This is a wonderful idea for outdoor weddings in tents. Also makes a good choice for indoor weddings with extremely high ceilings. The hanging garlands will bring the ceiling down in a way and make the area feel more intimate. You can also hang them from the backs of chairs at the reception site or the front of the bridal party table.

Above we have just merely touched on the many different ways you can incorporate this old is new idea. The idea of draping things is tried and true. Just put your own spin on it by finding a way to hang something you think is beautiful or means a lot to you and your future husband.

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