Decisions, Decisions – How to Narrow your Choices

Planning a wedding is filled with countless decisions.  These decisions range from major ones like theme and your bridal gown to smaller details like how to decorate your guest book table.  These wedding planning decisions can be overwhelming with so many choices available.  There are some ways to narrow your choices and choose the best options for your wedding planning and celebration.

  • Before you even try to narrow down specifics for everything, sit down with your fiancée and get a general idea of the feeling you want your wedding day to have.  Do you want a casual, fun affair with bright colors and frivolity?  Maybe you would like a formal lace and satin feel throughout the entire day.  Having a grasp on the feel you want for the day will help you in making all of the smaller decisions.
  • Choosing a theme will also help you narrow all the choices you have in décor and floral arrangements. A theme will streamline your choices helping you create a complete and pulled together look and feel for your wedding day.
  • Some of the more major decisions you have to make will really set the tone of the day. These choices can be the easiest to make or the most difficult.  When they are difficult to make, sometimes making small choices that are related to the big decision will help you make the larger decision.  For example, choosing a bridal gown can cause many brides a lot of distress.  If you are completely overwhelmed try finding the perfect bridal shoes or bridal jewelry.  They can help your dress consultant see what style you are looking to create and choose dresses that will complement and embody that style.  That little bit of direction can make all the difference.  Couple that with a general silhouette or neckline preference, choosing your dress may be much easier now.  Try the same thing with choosing the perfect centerpieces.  Choose your place settings and table cloths and then go back to choosing which direction you want to go with your centerpieces.
  • Project boards help you gather and focus your thoughts. If you have a decision that is giving you trouble, make a project board.  Get some poster board or a cork board from your local craft store and pin photos of different options to the board.  Pair the photos with pictures of related things you have already chosen.  If you have chosen your dress, post a picture of it then swap in pictures of the different accessories you are considering to help you narrow down your choice.  Then schedule a fitting where you can try out a few options and make a final decision.
  • Hiring a wedding planner can help you make decisions more easily. In trying to do everything yourself sometimes you suffer from information overload.  Wedding planners are used to dealing with this and can limit the options they present you with so that all you see is choices personally chosen to fit your style, budget and personality.  The money they can save you in buying things you don’t use and in negotiating your contracts and using their contacts to get you the best deals will often help them pay for themselves or nearly so, therefore justifying the expense.
  • Asking your vendors for help in narrowing your choices can never hurt. If you are having trouble choosing your flowers ask your florists advice.  They should be able to tell you what choices fit you best based on pictures, swatches and your other choices.  Always choose vendors that will take the time to get to know you and do consultations to help you make decisions.

A few simple things like these can make the overwhelming task of planning your wedding much more enjoyable and manageable.