Cupcakes or Wedding Cake

Cupcakes are a terrific alternative to the more traditional wedding cake. With individual cupcakes it’s easy to present several flavors for the guests to choose from. Because lets face it, people are picky, and with cupcakes you can offer a wide variety!

You can find cupcake liners and wrappers in just about any type of color or design. Pick these up at any craft or hobby store. White is a good choice for a wrapper. Just note that you can see through the white ones. This may or may not be a bad thing, as this could serve handy for guests who want a sneak peak at what flavor they are choosing. The rainbow of wrapper color choices is virtually endless. Choose your wedding colors or choose colors that help indicate what flavor is hidden inside i.e. red for red velvet, etc. Foiled wrappers are available to add a little bit of sparkle and glam. Oh, the possibilities!

Don’t forget to add a whimsical flair by using some multi-colored sprinkles. Or add a little bling by using sugar glitter or dragees. You can detail these just like a cake; decorations can be over the top or non-existent. Cupcakes are a little unexpected anyway so why not really give them a whirl by choosing exotic flavors. Just be sure to choose complimentary frosting.

Choosing cupcake stands should be pretty easy to do. Make sure you choose ones that will display the cupcakes nicely and not bunch them all together. There are several different sizes. Be sure to decide how many tiers you would like to display them on. Most cupcake stands come in three or four tiers. A typical four tier stand can hold about 60 cupcakes with a small cake on top or just more cupcakes. Some stands are single use and some will last a very long time, depending on the material the stands are made of. Typically stands come in clear or white. Look for a stand that comes apart and nestles itself together for easy moving and storage.

For those do it yourselfers trying your hand at baking and decorating cupcakes, you’ll find that it is not quite as daunting of a task as all the intricate detailing that goes into producing a grand four tiered wedding cake. Enlist some friends, turn up the music and bake!

Because this is a newer trend it doesn’t have any hard and fast rules. So, have fun with it. Not only are cupcakes a little more fun but they add a little more individuality it’s like a tiny cake for each guest!

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