Create Your Own Traditions

Do-It-Yourself Style

The do-it-yourself trend has become increasingly more popular in numerous areas of life partly due to the desire to save money and partly due to an individual’s desire to exercise their own creativity. If you find yourself in either category (or both) with an upcoming wedding in the works, performing many of the tasks simply, creatively and cheaply can be accomplished. From Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations, rehearsal dinner invitations to floral arrangements as table centerpieces, the following examples serve as creative and cost-saving ideas for your special day.

Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations

Do-it-yourself wedding invitations generate excitement on two fronts. First, they can often be done more economically than conventional invitations. From wedding invitation templates, color selection options to designing from scratch, you can exercise your creative muscle in DIY fashion.

Another alternative is to ‘hire’ a graphic design student from a local college who may need items for their professional portfolio upon graduation. Both parties benefit as students either fulfill a program requirement while brides gain from their talent. The arrangement can be at no cost or for a nominal fee (other than printing and paper expenses), providing a beautiful and distinctive invitation as a result.

Do It Yourself Table Centerpieces

As mentioned in a previous blog, some themed weddings have opted for fish in a bowl as the centerpiece for each dining table. There are numerous other creative ideas you can plan with or without flowers, however. If opting for flowers, simple but stunning floral arrangements can created by purchasing flowers from a wholesaler instead of hiring a florist to do all the work, again for far less money.

In addition, container creativity can be part of the process, providing a compelling distinction for your wedding tables. Some fun ideas include arranging flowers in decorative birdcages, or by putting wild flowers entwined in mason jars for a rustic look. Another idea includes grapevine wreathes with an elegant and fragrant candle in the middle, surrounded by delicate flower petals.

Wedding Cakes and Deserts

Some brides may elect to have a small wedding cake for the wedding party only, thereby saving a huge expense. The couple will still enjoy the tradition of feeding each other a small cake piece while guests have a variety of options. Desert choices from local bakeries or grocery outlets can cost half the cost of having a large cake for everyone. A desert buffet having anything from petit fours to baklava, from fruit cups topped off with whipped cream to simple but elegant chocolate dipped strawberries followed by chocolate-covered pretzel chasers, are appealing and fun without breaking the wedding budget.

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