Common Wedding Mistake – Selfish Syndrome

Mitzi’s aunt was going to throw her a bridal shower and luncheon. When Mitzi saw the invitations that were sent out, she went ballistic. Mitzi promptly went to a stationery store and bought invitations that she liked and mailed them to her friends as well. She did not want her peers to think that she had anything to do with the invitations that her aunt chose to send out. Mitzi thought her aunt should have cleared everything from invites to the meal with her first. It was her party, after all, why shouldn’t it be exactly the way she wanted it.

While this story is loosely based on a real life example, we hope it demonstrates the need for humility and gratitude, even during a season of life that is all about you as the bride. The people participating in your wedding or throwing parties for you are doing so because they love you and want you to feel special. They plan parties and dress up in dresses they’ll likely never wear again because they care about you. There are television reality shows now about brides with no humility, gratitude or common courtesy that people watch and laugh about…but your friends and family will likely not think it humorous at the time and you might have fires to put out after your wedding.

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