Color Your Wedding Pink

Whether you are using your favorite colors, colors that fit your themes or the colors that are in style for weddings, you are probably looking for ways to incorporate your chosen wedding colors into all aspects of your wedding.  These days, colors can be incorporated into almost every detail of your wedding, even your dress! Many colors can be used in a variety of shades to create multiple totally different looks and feel for your wedding décor and attire. From simple, well placed hints of color to a completely saturated reception, this week the color we will be focusing on is pink. Here are some great tips for incorporating your chosen colors into your pink wedding with style.

Planning a Pink Wedding

From soft pink roses in your bouquet and petite pink ribbons on your wedding invitations to fuchsia shoes under your wedding dress, brides are all about the pink!  Pink has so many shades and can ooze passion, romance or just plain girly vibes when used in varying degrees. Pink is versatile and beautiful. Whether you want a few romantic wisps of pink or an explosion of all things pink, these ideas will get you started planning the wedding of your dreams.

Themes that Pair Well With Pink

Pink is such a flexible color in wedding planning because you can use it in so many different shades and have it evoke so many different reactions.  Use soft pink shades to create a romantic theme in your décor with pink accents everywhere.  Use more muted pinks and even mauve to create a tea party brunch reception. Use fuchsia or hot pink to make a bold, passionate statement.

Color Schemes that are Complementary and How to Use Them

Pink is half of the biggest wedding color combination right now and that is pink and green.  Use a hot pink and lime green for a bold summer wedding or soft pink and clover or kelly green for your spring wedding.  Fall brides might try a muted mauve and olive green and winter brides a forest green with soft pink or even an emerald green and jeweled pink.

For more pink wedding ideas, come back for our Wednesday blog, Color Your Wedding Pink – Color Combinations.