Chosing a Backyard Wedding and How to Make it a Success

Having a backyard wedding is a wonderful idea for a bride who wants to save money and stay local. To decide if a backyard wedding is right for you, it’s important to decide if the benefits of having a backyard wedding outweigh those of choosing a venue.

Save Money for Wedding

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Save Money:

Booking a venue is a large expense that many couples choose to spend to secure an off-site venue. Having a backyard wedding saves you that large sum of money and can either be saved or can help support the costs that go along with planning the wedding of your dreams.

The Perfect Space:

Once you have chosen to have a backyard wedding, you have a perfect idea of how many people you can comfortably fit in the space and are able to turn it into everything you imagined, something that may not be possible in an off-site venue.

Another perk to having a backyard wedding is that you can have your event any day, at any time, and there is no restriction to when everyone must leave.

Rules? What Rules:

In a traditional venue, there are many rules and restrictions that may prevent or impede on what you imagined or planned for your wedding to be. By hosting a backyard wedding, you have total control over the number of guests, noise level, duration of the event, and decorations.

The freedom to decorate your backyard the way you want is liberating for brides, as they can transform an otherwise plain backyard into one that is country-themed, a winter fairy tale, or even a zoo if she wanted! The limited number of constraints (within the law, of course) will allow a bride to make the space completely her own.

long drive

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One of the best parts of having a local wedding is that your closest friends and family are nearby! This means no extensive traveling for them, and, if you choose to have an adult’s-only wedding, the kids can have their regular babysitters watch them for the night.

Another benefit is that you can save money by reaching out to local college musicians, photographers, videographers or bands to work your wedding. This will cost far less than the average company and you are in control of what you want from their work, the time they attend, and there is more room to negotiate.

After you’ve decided that a backyard wedding is for you, it’s time to start planning.

Since planning can be overwhelming, here are some tips to make it a success:

Involve Your Friends and Family:

Planning a wedding takes a lot of dedication, work, time, vision, and can become a full time job on its own. To help alleviate some of the stress, rely on your friends and family. Those close to you would love to help make your big day memorable and successful.

To ensure that the planning process runs smoothly, be sure to specifically delegate so that one person is in charge of a few different tasks. This will allow them to focus their energy and resources on those specific tasks and will avoid any confusion or anything slipping through the cracks.

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Book Rentals in a Timely Fashion:

To ensure you have everything you need to make your wedding a success, be sure to book all of your rentals in advance. This will help diminish your stress and be one less thing that you have to take care of! There’s nothing more stressful than not having enough (or any!) chairs for your guests to sit in or tables for them to eat on…

Stay Local:

Another great perk about having a backyard wedding is that you can work with all of the vendors, stores, and restaurants you usually frequent. Not only can you have all of your favorite foods and items brought right to your backyard for your celebration, but you give them business that will help them continue to thrive. Usually, for local companies, there are no outrageous minimum orders so they’ll work with you regardless of if you have 10 guests of 150.

To take a route that deviates from tradition, try serving mini versions of traditional foods like burgers or pizza or hiring the hottest local food truck!

Give Your Neighbors Notice:

To avoid any noise complaints or unexpected incidents (ie: unannounced construction the same day as your wedding), let your neighbors know in advance that you’ll be having your wedding in your backyard and the date it is scheduled for. Providing them ample time to make any necessary arrangements will be beneficial for you both.

TIP: If you and your neighbors are not on the best of terms, or they are new, a nice way to help things run smoothly is to offer to put them up at a hotel for the night. While this is an additional expense for you, it will ensure that one of the most memorable days of your life is flawless.

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Know the Law:

We encourage you to connect with your city to ensure that you don’t need any permits to hold your wedding in your backyard. Sometimes you’ll need to have inspections conducted, agree to contracts (like noise ordinances), and get special permission for guest parking. Start this process as early as possible to ensure there is no confusion and that there is plenty of time to process all necessary documents.

Keep the Power Up:

Most homes aren’t built to support the extensive amount of power necessary to put on an entire wedding. To avoid a temporary power outage in your home, or even in the entire neighborhood, be sure to rent a few generators (depending on how much you’re going to need). For advice, call your local hardware department store to see what their suggestions are.


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