Children at Weddings – Part 2

If you decide you will be allowing children you now have other decisions and arrangements to make. First you will want to save yourself some money and talk to your caterer. Many wedding caterers will have a special children’s menu or a discounted rate for your youngest guests. Children don’t eat as much as adults and are usually content with chicken fingers and meatballs even if your adult guests will be indulging in more elegant menu choices. It may not seem like a large amount to save, but if you are having more than a handful of children as guests, it can save you quite a few dollars.

Four to Five hours of dinner and dancing may seem like a great time to adults. Accent it with bouquet tosses, drinks, a few party games and trips down memory lane and many of your adult guests will have the best night of their year. Children aren’t as entertained by these things, so you will need to make special arrangements for your youngest guests. Luckily there are plenty of activities you can provide for the children at your wedding. Consider some of the following options:

Hire entertainment. Magicians, clowns and other entertainers are available for weddings. Consider hiring one for all or part of your reception to help keep the children entertained. Look for an entertainer that provides something for the children to do rather than just putting on a show. Children who are engaged will stay interested longer than children just watching someone act goofy or perform tricks.

Have a special corner for the children. Have you caterer set aside an area for the children to play. Include smaller tables, cushions and other child friendly furniture. Display a sign designating it a “kid’s zone” with “no adults allowed” to make them feel special. Give any babysitters or the person maintaining supplies a special badge as a “pass” to enter the kids zone.

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