Children at Weddings – Part 1

When making your guest list you have so many decisions to make. Who gets invited? Who gets cut? Do you keep a smaller list for your dream venue or compromise to invite everyone you can think to put on the list? One of the big decisions is whether or not you will have children at your wedding and reception. If you will be having children at your wedding what age should you allow to attend? How do you politely tell guests with younger children that you will not be welcoming very young children? How do you keep the children who make the list entertained? It is not simply a question of whether or not to allow children there are many points to be considered. Here is a starting point to guide you in your planning.

First, you want to decide whether or not you will allow children. Consider the needs of any VIPs on your guest list. Does your sister have a few small children? Will she be able to find a babysitter she is comfortable with for the entire day of your wedding? How many guests will you be affecting with your decision to exclude children? Will key guests not be able to attend without their children? Will they be unwilling to attend without their children?

If you decide you don’t want children at your wedding you need to decide what age you are using as a marker. Children over twelve or so may not like be excluded for being children. Whatever age you choose stick to that age and don’t make exceptions. Your ring bearer and flower girl would be the only acceptable exceptions to make to the ground rules you set. If a guest comes to your wedding with children in tow that you didn’t invite, there is no need to over react. Even if you discussed the issue with them in advance your wedding is not the time to make a point. What is done is done and you should just sit back and enjoy your day.

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