Children Allowed or Adult-Only Wedding?

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Yes, I’ll be Inviting Guests with Children:
When inviting children to attend a wedding, it’s important for the bride and party to understand that it could either go flawlessly, or there could be some disruption. To minimize the possibility of the negative possibilities, we’ve compiled a list to help keep the children occupied and the adults content:

  • Introducing them to new toys is a great way to keep them occupied. To ensure there is no fighting over toys, include a more than one toy per child. That way, no one is left without a toy waiting to play.
  • Setting up a TV that is equipped with a video game station is interactive and will keep children engaged and focused on the game at hand.
  • If you plan on having children stay seated at a table, we suggest giving them personalized coloring books and a small box of crayons. Coloring books are easy to print and can be printed and put together in your home. Remember, kids do not mind how “professional” it looks—they just want something to occupy their time and color on.
kids table at wedding

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  • One of the best ways to keep your younger guests happy is to offer a kid-friendly menu that is different from your main menu. Often, kids prefer familiar food items like chicken nuggets, mini pizzas, veggies and dip, and hamburgers over fish, roasted chicken, or filet. A full child is a happy child.
  • If you plan to invite a large number of children, consider having a separate room just for them. In this room you can play movies, set up games, and even set out items like sleeping bags, tents, and blankets in case they get tired.
  • If you decide to have a separate room to entertain the children in, we suggest that you hire a nanny or babysitter for the night. This will ensure the children are safe, occupied, tended-to and happy.

No, I’d Rather Have An Adults-Only Wedding:
It’s your choice to have an adults-only wedding, and if you choose to do so, you must take the necessary steps to avoid offending people and allow them to prepare.

While we understand you can’t please everyone, it’s good measure to try. To avoid offending your guests, we can offer a few suggestions:

  • Instead of including “no children”, “adults only”, or “children not allowed”, choose to address it specifically. By addressing it to “Mr. and Mrs. Keller” instead of “The Keller Family”, it will be implied that only those named are invited and others are excluded by omission and can help you avoid a potentially awkward situation.
  • To ensure that the message was received, take the extra step to call them and follow up with the parties you invited who have children. If they ask you if their children are invited, you can kindly explain that while they are not, you would be willing to work with them to make arrangements to ensure they are taken care of.
  • Before calling, discuss with your fiancé what you’re both comfortable doing to allow the invited party to attend your wedding sans children. Are you willing to pay for a babysitter for the night? If it’s a drive for them, are you prepared to get them a hotel AND a sitter? Know your offer and limits prior to calling to avoid offering anything you don’t want or can’t do under pressure.

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