Child Wedding Guests – Part 1

Kid’s aren’t your worst nightmare when it comes to your wedding, we promise. While of course ultimately the choice is up to you as to whether or not you choose to have a host of pint sized guests. We thought for once we’d fill you in on the positives of having child guests. As we know there are a million horror stories out there. Also, we included some information for you on how you can keep your younger guests content.

There are several things to consider when deciding if you should choose to allow guests to bring their children to your wedding. Most couples will at the very least have a flower girl and ring bearer. It wouldn’t be completely unheard of to go ahead and invite the rest of your guest’s children. At least they will have playmates.

If people who have children feel that they cannot have a good time if they bring them, they probably will not. Just because you invite little Sally doesn’t mean her parents have to bring her. They know this and can secure their own babysitter if need be.

Chances are that the teenagers may not be completely impressed by your choice of Sinatra and Buble over Simpson and Bieber. So they may end up playing with the younger children as a way to entertain themselves. While this doesn’t mean you should rely on the older children to baby-sit, it will sure help.

If possible try to set up children’s tables. Sit them either in an area set apart with a babysitter or in an area close to but not with the majority of parents. This way the guests can see what their children are up to.

Don’t let dinner wait when you have a lot of younger guests. When children get hungry they get cranky. Cranky children are a burden on their parents and can damper their parent’s moods, in turn placing a damper on the festivities.

Make your guests aware of any and all child friendly activities, whether by an enclosure card or wedding website. Also be sure to let them know if a babysitter will be present in a separate room. This will help to inform them on whether or not they are expected to keep an eye on them. If the reception is taking place at a hotel and the babysitter has a room secured full of movies and games, suggest bringing along jammies for the youngest of guests.

Many guests will be pleased that they can take their children along with them and keep them entertained themselves. The dance floor provides a great place to socialize for all ages.  You may spot several of them on the dance floor teaching the chicken dance to Grandpa or you might see the teenagers learning the electric slide from the mother of the bride and all her friends.

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