By Keeping Wedding Costs Down

An Exotic All-Inclusive Honeymoon Package Becomes Even More Affordable

It has become increasingly more common for young couples to plan exotic honeymoon trips to far away locations once they have tied the knot. One way to afford such trips is to keep the actual wedding itself simple, inexpensive and small. Some brides-to-be select Affordable Wedding Invitations to control costs. You may even want to create your own wedding invitations. Still another way to save ‘wedding capital’ and dedicate funds to the honeymoon itself is to buy an all-inclusive honeymoon package. But what does a honeymoon package typically entail? What do they include?

The All-Inclusive Honeymoon Package

In the simplest terms, an all-inclusive honeymoon resort package incorporates all major costs into one price. They are typically offered at upscale resorts in a wide variety of locations around the globe—from the Americas to the South Pacific to Europe, Asia and beyond. They generally include lodging, meals, drinks (some are non-alcoholic only), entertainment and recreational activities, even gratuities. Major travel expenses are usually not included in a honeymoon package but often limited ground transportation can be.

Rooms and Lodging

After saving on affordable wedding invitations and a low-cost ceremony, buying an all-inclusive honeymoon package seems exceedingly affordable. They always include room(s) or a honeymoon suite, whichever you contract for. Plus, most resorts offering all-inclusive packages are luxury facilities and typically at picturesque locations, with plenty of amenities included.

Meals and Beverages

An all-inclusive resort package always includes meals and beverages. As mentioned above, most include alcoholic drinks while others may limit them or not provide them at all. Typically, meals are served in either buffet or family style, though not always. This also usually means honeymooners can go back for seconds and thirds!

Entertainment and Activities

Most resorts catering to honeymooners provide a plethora of activities and entertainment to choose from, which is also included in the package price. Some resorts are specifically theme or destination dedicated. For example, all-inclusive resorts in the South Pacific near the coral reef are likely to have dive trips, coral reef viewing, swimming with the dolphins, sailing and the like, all for free. Other packages during the winter months in northern climates might include downhill skiing, sleigh rides or snow showing activities that are included.

In the entertainment arena, honeymoon resorts include live bands, special shows, gambling casino options depending on location, or trips to night clubs or theaters in the surrounding area. Some resorts may provide theme night entertainment, festivals or ceremonies such as a Hawaiian Luau.

There is a wide range of destinations and all-inclusive honeymoon packages to choose from. For those couples who would rather forgo the expense and save money on affordable wedding invitations, a simple wedding and small guest list, you can instead enjoy the trip of a lifetime by purchasing an all-inclusive honeymoon package at an exotic destination.