Buying a Wedding Ring – Part 6

When you have reached the point in your relationship that you are much happier with this woman in your life than you were before you met her and you cannot see yourself without this person in your life, it is time to buy the ring.

If you do not already know your bride-to-be’s ring size, there are two methods to find out; the stealthy and the not-so-stealthy methods.

Let’s discuss the stealthy method. If you are planning to pop the big question as a surprise, do not ask her ring size in casual conversation. One of the reasons why you are marrying her is that she is a bright woman of the world, and will immediately be wise to what you are planning, Your cover will be blown!

Instead, ask her mother, sister, close friend, or call one of her close co-workers to enlist their help in your sneaky endeavors. If all of these people are unsure, you can ask them to casually bring up the conversation of rings and ring size to find out her precise size. People can be quite creative in coming up with ways to find out information they want or need to know. Make sure whoever you ask for help is fully aware that this is a SECRET SURPRISE!

If you are feeling a bit unsure whether or not your bride-to-be will like your selection, keep in mind that she is sure to love anything you buy for her. Remember, it is a symbol of the love you have for her. You are now armed with the information you need and she’s none the wiser.

A not so stealthy method is to propose without the ring. Some bride’s do not like surprises. Although most may trust your taste and judgment implicitly, keep in mind that she will be wearing the ring for the duration of your lives together and may like some say in the matter.

You can still make this a bit of a surprise by taking your fiance out for the evening and at a romantic point in the evening, you can say something to this effect, “I know I will never be the person I could be without you in my life forever, I was planning on surprising you with a ring but I want you to be a part in helping me chose a ring that I know you will love as much as you love me”. You are creative, you can come up with something to say but be sure you have a specific date in mind that you want to go ring shopping and tell her the date that evening.

You can also surprise your bride-to-be by purchasing a loose stone and dropping it in a glass of champagne. Be sure she sees the stone before she has a sip, then you can propose! By going this route, it shows you have taken the time to purchase the ring, or at least in part, and you are asking for her hand in marriage. The two of you can then set a date to see your jeweler to select a setting that you will both be pleased and happy with your selection. She will still be as equally surprised and delighted by your romantic gesture.

Another suggestion to proposing without the ring is to attend a sporting event with your favorite girl but pre-arrange for the arena to pop the question between innings or at half-time on the score board. Sports arenas are generally very accommodating and willing to work with you because it usually makes the news and that means free advertising for them. This is a really fun way to ask her to marry you and it is certainly a surprise. You can then go ring shopping together.

You are now ready to go shopping. The first thing to remember is it doesn’t hurt to ask questions, and a reputable jeweler is not going to be “put off” by your questions. You are making a very important purchase that is intended to last a lifetime, so don’t be intimidated. You are the customer. Happy Shopping and Good Luck!

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