Bridal Shower Menu – Part 1

Quite often bridal showers are hosted at a time of day that isn’t necessarily meal time. But you may want just a little something to nibble on. What foods should you offer to your guests? It can be difficult to decide what to serve at your get together. You don’t want your guests to go hungry and you don’t want to end up with too much food either.

You can pretty much always expect to provide mints and nuts.

Finger foods and appetizers are typically a staple at bridal shower.

Finger-Sandwiches– A common choice for ladies parties are finger sandwiches. Try to provide variety for your guests and whip up a few different styles to accommodate most guests. There are a lot of options to choose from. Consider mini BLT’s, ham salad, cucumber sandwiches, mini grilled cheese etc.

Crudite Platter (a.k.a) Veggie Tray– These are always a crowd pleaser! Make your own or buy them pre-assembled. If you choose to make them yourself, be careful. You may not save much money and definitely not any time but you can customize them all you want by providing the variety of your choosing. Think about displaying bounties of carrots, slices of bell peppers, broccoli, grape tomatoes and more. Offer a few different dips, the traditional veggie/ranch dip and maybe a spicier version as well.

Fruit Tray – A display of different fruits is a terrific choice – from strawberries and pineapple chunks to apple and pear slices. Cutting fruit up to be “pretty” may be a little more difficult than a vegetable tray, so proceed at your own risk. Be sure to offer up the typical sweeter than sweet fruit dip. You could also try dipping chocolate and marshmallow fluff.

Meatballs – Pretty much everyone seems to love these little beauties and there are so many different ways to create them. You can use a variety of meats like hamburger, lamb or turkey. Try different sauces  such as Marinara, traditional Swedish and sweet barbeques.

Cake – Because there is always cake! I mean you really can’t go without it. Everyone expects it and is there ever a reason to not have cake? You don’t have to go all out, normally a simple sheet cake that says “Congratulations Jennifer” will work just fine. You know the ones with the pretty roses or other flowers scrolled on the sides. Update it though if you’d like by offering up a decadent chocolate fudge cake or a selection of mini pastries around a smaller “shower” cake.

If your shower is going to take place at more of a traditional “meal time” you can still save time and money by providing a sit down meal. From cheesy chicken and broccoli casseroles, to a hearty croc-pot full of chili, just try to offer a selection of favorites. A Baked potato bar would be an excellent way for guests to customize their dish to their personal taste and give them an opportunity to mingle as well.

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