Bridal Planning Hindsight

All brides are told not to stress.  The details won’t matter as long as you are married at the end of the wedding day. All brides have a few things they really want for their weddings but even some of the things on that list don’t seem so important.  Recent brides try to share this sentiment on bridal boards and blogs; however, it is hard to get it through to new brides.  Many may feel that the newlyweds speaking from experience only feel that certain things aren’t important because those newlyweds have already had their moment. Here are some of the top things that recent brides say don’t really matter in the long run as well as the top tips they give after the big day is over.

Full traditional wedding cake- Sure they make great pictures.  There are so many other awesome desserts that allow for more variety and are easy on the purse strings.  Cupcake towers and candy bars are some examples.  If you must have a full tiered wedding cake check local lesser known bakers and avoid paying more than two dollars per serving. Guests will enjoy butter cream just as much if not more than fondant and other more expensive options.

That super long luxurious train- There is no such thing as simply turning around in a long train. A bride must either walk in circles to do an about face or have someone constantly spreading out the train again.  Sure trains are traditional but they aren’t what most of the wedding photo will have as a focus point and they have very little to do with how a bride looks in her dress.  So many brides wish they had made things easier, and sometimes cooler by opting out of having a train on their wedding gown.

Having or not having kids at the wedding- This can turn into a huge debate in wedding planning circles.  Some brides and grooms insist they don’t want to have to worry about children running around and breaking things. Other couples insist that their weddings wouldn’t be the same without allowing all members of their families at all ages attend. In the end, brides who chose to have children say that most parents did a good job watching them and they barely noticed any outbursts until they saw the wedding video, and by then it was endearing.  And again parents who chose not to have children were glad they could relax and not worry about any injuries or losing any damage deposits.  The bride and groom should choose what works for them and their families best and not spend too much time worrying about whether people will do what they asked.  In the end it won’t matter anyway.

Flowers all over the church- Except for a few pictures the flowers in the church will not be the focus of much.  A few arrangements at the altar and some bows on the pews should be enough. Some brides spend thousands decorating churches and other ceremony venues that are already gorgeous by their own rights.  Add that money into bouquets or candles or centerpieces and go minimalist on most ceremony venues.

Trying to do it all yourself- Do it yourself projects can be a lot of fun.  But no matter how much time a couple may have on their hands it can quickly get overwhelming to try and do it all. Enlisting help on the do it yourself projects chosen and limiting the projects to two or three that are important to the couple are key rules to follow if the couple wants to maintain their sanity. Do it yourself invitations may seem easy but can quickly get overwhelming.  Try buying card stock precut into folios and ordering pre-printed mix and match pieces and just assembling them yourself for a personal touch. Doing it yourself doesn’t mean every little detail has to be done from scratch.

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