Bridal Planning Hindsight – Continued

Top notch DJs- Sure those high priced DJs have lots of fog machines and can display a couple’s monogram in lights as they dance on it.  All those extras are pricey and not really necessary.  An iPod with good music and some forethought can do the job of a DJ.  Local college students looking for extra cash can use the venues sound system to do a good job.  Some do it regularly for extra cash and others just DJ their own parties.  Save the money spent on a high priced DJ and look for cheaper options.

Pleasing everyone with the invite list- Unless someone besides the bride and groom are paying they should invite the people who are special to them and not worry about who everyone wants them to invite.  A majority of no shows seem to be people that couples only invited out of obligation or pleasing family members.  Couples should invite the people they want to share their day.  Money is saved and the affair is more intimate, or there is room for more close friends and the family the couple spends time with regularly.

Don’t be afraid to ditch details- So many brides spend the week of their wedding putting finishing touches on favors and gluing bows on programs.  It is OK to ditch the last minute details. Chances are no one knew what things were supposed to look like and anyone who did wouldn’t care anyway.

The videographer debate- Most brides will tell you a good photographer is important.  Some will also say a videographer is important.  However, many brides admit to never watching their wedding video after it is completed, or only watching it once.  A friend or relative with a camcorder may not put together a gorgeous montage but they can capture the important parts. The thousand dollars or more spent on a videographer can be put to better use elsewhere for most brides.

Favors and out of town bags- So many guests leave favors behind or don’t notice all the work and details put into assembling them and choosing the components.  Many brides advise keeping favors simple or at least making something that is relaxing for the bride and her friends to make.  Rushing and worrying about impressing guests won’t often have much payoff.  The guests will be paying more attention to things like food and how the couple looks and greets their guests.

Get more sleep- Trying to sleep the week of the wedding can seem nearly impossible for so many brides and even grooms.  The schedule is jam packed and planned to the minute and it can be hard to unwind.  Many brides recommend taking an over the counter sleep aid the night before the wedding or at the very least setting aside lots of time to unwind so the couple isn’t exhausted half way through the wedding day.

Drink more water- Staying hydrated has so many benefits.  It keeps a brides skin clear, helps keep people from feeling faint in lots of heat with formal clothing and is overall good for you.  Drink lots of water in the weeks and months leading up to a wedding and don’t forget the wedding day itself.  Any trips to the bathroom will be worth feeling that much better.

Leave nothing until the 11th hour- If it isn’t done two days before the wedding chances are it wasn’t that important to start.  Let it go.  A big regret of many brides and grooms is not having enough time to enjoy the days leading up to their wedding.  Last minute favors and errands can be an added stress that really isn’t necessary to the stress of the day.  Besides enough last minute necessities will arise without having to deal with all those little tasks as well.

Trusting the pros- Couples choose their vendors for a reason.  They have done plenty of weddings and have probably met a few times with every couple to make sure they understand the vision of their client.  The time comes when every couple has to step back and let the professionals do their jobs.  Even if the roses are the wrong shade of pink, the chances are only the bride and groom will notice.

Stay true to you- Couples should never plan their wedding based on what is supposed to be done.  Wedding should uniquely represent the couple, their relationship and their love for one another.

Keep the details close- The need to share every chosen detail of the wedding can overwhelm some brides.  Keeping the details about a wedding personal until the big day can have a few benefits.  For one, it limits the bride feeling like friends and family planning weddings are copying her.  Also when guests don’t know what to expect there is more room for that wow factor. Also when people don’t know how things are being done they don’t have room to criticize.

As tempting as it can be to go crazy planning the perfect wedding, take the time to take advice from other recent brides.  A lot of stress can be prevented and ideas can be found.

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