Big or Small Wedding

It seems that for a long time, big weddings were expected. Guest lists of 200 people and big, extravagant receptions seemed to be everyone’s choice. After all, it is your day, so why not have it your way?  Brides would spend hours looking through bridal magazines at all of the beautiful over-the-top dresses, cakes, and favors and getting all of the great wedding advice for a huge wedding.

Lately, more and more couples are discovering the joy in small weddings.  Many couples have decided that a large wedding, with all of the bells and whistles, leaves nothing left over for the honeymoon and they start out their marriage in debt.

If you’re still in the process of agonizing over whether to have a large or small wedding, then it probably makes sense to look at both options.

Large Wedding


  • You can include a lot of people in your celebration
  • It’s a great way to reconnect with family and friends
  • It makes a big impact on everyone who attends.
  • You get lots more presents
  • A big party can be a lot of fun


  • It takes a huge investment in time, energy and resources to plan
  • There are a lot more things that can go wrong
  • It’s expensive
  • Everyone and their brother will have an opinion on how it should be done
  • You probably won’t have the time or energy to visit with each of your guests individually.

Small Wedding


  • You can focus on your spouse, instead of your audience.
  • There’s much less time, money and stress required in the planning and execution of the big day.
  • There are more options for a venue.  You can marry on a beach, in the mountains, in your favorite restaurant or at some exotic, foreign location.
  • You can choose to share one of the most important days of your life with only your intimate circle of friends and relatives.
  • You can have several small “after parties,” rather than one huge, costly reception, thereby extending the celebration.


  • You might upset someone who wasn’t invited
  • You probably won’t need a wedding planner
  • You get fewer presents