Being a Good Bridesmaid (and Not Being a Bad One!) – Part 2

Being a Bridesmaid Can Ruin a Friendship if You Aren’t Careful

Brides can often get so wrapped in the details of planning their wedding day and the surrounding events that they forget about the bigger picture.  The people around them aren’t so consumed in those details so they just see the bride acting like a brat.  Sometimes fights occur that cause irreparable damage to friendships.  Usually when the moment to walk down the aisle arrives all feuds are forgotten and girlfriends band together once again but sometimes that isn’t the case.  Women agreeing to be bridesmaids should be prepared to see their friend act in ways she normally wouldn’t as a bride and be prepared to deal with the disagreements that can arise. Drama will occur on some scale no matter how small, handling it gracefully is the hard part.

Bridesmaids May be Tasked to Death

Many brides, especially in the United States rely on their bridesmaids for tons of help when planning the wedding.  Bridesmaids can and will be drug to countless fittings, sit addressing envelopes until their fingers ache and asked to tie countless tiny little ribbons exactly the same so they can be glued onto the invitations.  Bridesmaids to not have to help with every little task they are asked to do if they do not have the time or ability.  Brides should be conscious of the things they are asking of people and try to spread out the tasks some.  But not all of them are.  Some things bridesmaids may be asked to help the bride with include:

  • Countless trips to try on and choose bridesmaids’ dresses can happen.  An agreement on bridesmaids’ dresses may not be reached at the first store the bridal party tries or on the first day they go shopping.
  • Planning showers and bachelorette parties is a bridesmaid’s job many times.
  • Addressing invitations can be an overwhelming task and the bride may ask for assistance from any bridesmaids with good penmanship.
  • Making countless suggestions and helping with decisions will also be asked of the bridesmaids. Brides will be faced with countless choices for favors, decorations and everything you can imagine.  Bridesmaids will be texted constantly, emailed pictures and sent links. They should be prepared to be hit with these questions and many brides will expect a timely response at the worst possible times.  Bridesmaids should not be expected to drop everything to help the bride with these decisions but should try to be as timely as they can. Brides need to be understanding of their bridesmaids’ schedules and accept explanations as the bridesmaids give them.
  • Helping to make favors, gift bags and centerpieces can be a huge help to the bride.  Many brides take on do it yourself projects and don’t realize how much work it will be.  Making a day out of these tasks and ordering lunch or having some wine can make them easier to bear.

Bridesmaids are All Day of Wedding Coordinators

The day of the wedding is very hectic for the bridesmaids.  They are expected to do everything they can to make the day easier for the bride.  Helping the bride get dressed, making sure she eats and drinks and making sure she doesn’t forget anything are just the start of the bridesmaids’ duties on the day of the wedding.  Handling any issues so the bride doesn’t have to worry is a big part of being a bridesmaid on the wedding day.  Be prepared to fix attire issues, deal with unruly guests and assist everyone with any information that they may need.  The wedding day can seem more like a job for the bridesmaids then a huge party.

Being a bridesmaid may seem like a lot of work and no fun.  Getting to choose things with the bride, spending lots of time with her and standing by her side on one of the biggest days of her life can be a lot of fun and a memorable experience. Being a good bridesmaid will be appreciated by the bride even if it isn’t immediately apparent or expressed.

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