Be the Princess You Want to be on Your Wedding Day – Part 3


Towers and castles rule this theme.  “A Renaissance Wedding” or “A Medieval Wedding” are the best themes to suit this style.  Braided hair styles, medieval dress and traditionally romantic details will make your wedding day shine.  Try having ushers hold prop swords in an arch when you walk down the aisle for a dramatic touch.  A red runner on the aisle will also add to the royal vibe.  Candle holders that look like torches make great decorations for your wedding ceremony or reception.

Detailed goblets and silver place settings make nice touches at the reception.  Talk to your caterer about giving the tables a medieval feel.  Plates of fruit and cheeses make great cocktail hour accompaniments.  Consider serving just one or two signature cocktails and having wine be the highlight of your beverage selections.

A gown with an empire waist is your best choice in attire.  A wide headband with your hair worn down will complete the look.  Choose to wear it anywhere from super straight and sleek to wild wavy ringlets.  Strappy sandals with straps that go up your calf are a great footwear choice.  Sandals with a modest heel will do as well. An updo with lots of separate elements is also appropriate.

Rich burgundy and emerald green is a great wedding invitation color scheme for your medieval wedding.  Try something with a wide border and have it custom designed to be written as a proclamation.

Hansel and Gretel

Cakes, candies and chocolates are the focal point of this wedding.  “A Sweet Beginning” is an appropriate theme.  Bright colors, highly contrasting patterns and of course candy themed details should rule your décor.  Try having a candy table for your guests with bowls and fancy containers filled with classic candies, plates of baked goods creatively arranged and maybe a gingerbread house decorated like a wedding chapel.  Personalized, edible items are a timeless choice for wedding favors that fit this theme perfectly.

This theme is admittedly more geared towards your reception.  Incorporate the fun, childlike spirit into your ceremony with bright colors and by utilizing a gayly dressed flower girl, ring bearer and junior attendants and pages. Give guests packets of birdseed to scatter as you leave your ceremony.  It is a great, eco- friendly alternative to breadcrumbs.

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