Be the Princess You Want to be on Your Wedding Day – Part 2

The Little Mermaid (Princess Ariel)

“Under the Sea” is one of the most flexible fairytale wedding themes.  Your bridesmaids will be sure to appreciate the nautical themed jewelry or pearls you pick out for them.  Or maybe some seaweed based botanical bath and body products are more your style.

The obvious dress choice is a mermaid (or trumpet) cut wedding dress.  But don’t stop there.  Complete the “Ariel” look with a pair of elegant elbow length gloves and a super sparkly choker or floating pearls and long dangling earrings to match.  Wear your hair in loose ringlets.  If your hair is short consider extensions.  Try having exotic flowers like orchids placed in your hair or having ribbons woven into your updo.  A sparkling tiara will complete the princess look.

Large sequins on your dress or the purses used by you and your attendants give a glamorous fish scale look.  Seashells, starfish, and sand dollars work well for décor starting points and details.  Glass beads inside vases with a few branches make great centerpieces.  Or perhaps you should consider bowls filled with water and floating flower blooms or candles.

Your invitations should go with your theme as well.  Invitations with elegant fonts done in classic ivory, white and silver will always timelessly portray what a princess you are.  Nautical themed invitations are also appropriate.  Perhaps getting single paged wedding invitations, rolling and tying them with ribbon and slipping them into some cute bottles and sending them in boxes would work for you.  If you like that idea but postage is a concern consider a nice thank you note or announcement in a bottle as a favor at your wedding reception.

Beauty and the Beast (Belle)

Like Cinderella, Belle wore a beautiful ballgown.  Belle’s gown had more of a chunky texture to it’s appearance.  Depending on the time of year, a fur or netted shrug will complement your attire nicely.  Ballet flats or a low heel make great footwear choices.  Wear your hair in an updo with ringlets framing your face. A small tiara and elbow length gloves will complete the look.

The classic red rose placed in a glass dome makes for a beautiful centerpiece choice and can be done fairly inexpensively.  White candles with red roses painted on them or affixed to them make great favors.  Blues and yellows fit the theme well and highlight loyalty and friendship.  “Today I Marry My Best Friend” makes a great theme of the day.  Wedding invitations highlighting that phrase make great choices as well.


Pocahontas had a simple churchyard wedding with all of Jamestown happily watching.  A plain sheathed dress fits this theme that is best done in an outdoor setting.  It is a great theme for a “green” wedding.  Brightly painted stones and beads make great table adornments. Earth tones and nature themes rule the day.  “A Simple Love” and “You Color My World” make good wedding themes.

Potted plants make nice centerpieces for your guests to take home.  Order customized seed packets as favors.  You can also make them vegetable seeds and provide cards with the couple’s favorite recipe using those vegetables.  Soy candles and bowls from recycled glass make great green décor elements for your reception.

The Princess and the Frog (Princess Tiana)

A “froggy” décor may be a bit over the top.  Consider a theme along the lines of “I have found my prince”.  Greens, golds and pinks make a great color scheme.  Try having a bouquet of lilies for each of your bridesmaids, mixing greenery into your own.  Floating lilies or flower shaped candles placed in glass bowls make beautiful centerpieces. A single gold decorative ball in a mix of blue and green ones placed in a decorative bowl will also do nicely (to symbolize the gold ball the princess drops before she meets the frog).  A wishing well is a nice touch to hold envelopes from your guests on your gift table. Silver, gold and deep red is also another great royal color combination.

Consider clover and sage for your bridesmaids’ attire.  Rose petal pink accents will really complete their look.  The groomsmen can utilize green pocket squares or ties.  Your ring bearer can wear a light green suit or light green pants with a white shirt.  Your flower girl can also wear the color you chose for your bridesmaids or dress like Princess Tiana in the Disney movie.

For yourself, consider a gold crown or tiara in lieu of the traditional diamond and silver ones.  An off the shoulder bodice and tiered skirt make the perfect wedding dress for this theme.  Petal, beads, ruffles and other feminine touches make great accents.  Try a pretty pearl bracelet with silver elements instead of gloves.  Large teardrop pearl earrings and a floating pearl necklace complete this look.  Ruffled purses make great additions to your bridesmaids’ attire.

Greens, pinks and golds make for a great wedding invitation color scheme. Consider layer invitations with the backing in the color that will be less prominent in your wedding scheme. For a more traditional look white wedding invitations with silver accents and a script font make a great alternative.  Gold embossed seals complete the royal look on your envelopes.