Be the Princess You Want to be on Your Wedding Day – Part 1

Many of us wanted to be Cinderella when we were younger.  From the gorgeous ballroom gown, to the handsome prince to the majestic carriage, the Cinderella story was one of the earliest influences we have to tell us what a wedding should be and how a bride should feel.  And really, what better occasion than your wedding day to be the princess you are? Just because we are not children anymore doesn’t mean we can’t be the princess of our choice on our wedding day.  Over the course of this week, we will be focusing on some great ways to incorporate touches and themes from your favorite fairytales, both from childhood and from modern day, into your wedding.

Snow White

The modern version of Snow White is a beautiful princess of noble birth with a sweet temperament and childlike innocence and trust.  The most common way to plan a “Snow White Wedding” is to go with all white and red accents.  Snow White was said to be fair skinned with rose red lips.  A white theme accented with red roses or even apple centerpieces in the fall would convey this very well. A rich red lipstick and pink cheeks will work wonderfully if it suits your complexion. Royal Blue accents may also be incorporated.  Consider pressed apple blossoms for your wedding invitations.  A wooded or apple motif would also work well for your invitations.

Consider a colored sash on your gown to go with the colors you choose.  Colored accents will also work well. If you would prefer something more traditional consider some silver details on your attire instead.  A minimalist tiara and short gloves will accent your snow white look well.  A small netted veil will also work wonderfully.   Consider carrying wild flowers or an asymmetrical bouquet.  Red roses will also work well.

The Snow White wedding is inspired by nature.  Flowers of all sorts work wonders here no matter what your wedding style. Apples, red roses and branches make great centerpieces for your wedding reception.  Placing a string of lights in a vase of branches will add a great sparkle on the main tables.  Be sure to secure cords so they don’t pose a tripping hazard. Pillar candles in personalized glass holders add a beautiful sparkle to your reception tables.  A bird cage for cards from your guests is a nice touch for your gift table.

The theme of the day is “Love at first sight”.  Utilize the phrase in the personalization of any favors, napkins and your guest book.


Cinderella is the most classic princess to be emulated for weddings.  Little girls dream of being whisked away in a carriage by their very own Prince Charming.  Cinderella’s famous ballgown is the subject of many sessions of make believe play for little girls.  Cinderella is a queen among princesses.  Elegant details and nothing spared marks this occasion.  Elaborate flower arrangements, pearls everywhere and maybe even “glass” slippers rule the day.  Invitations don’t need to feature castles, a classic timeless font will do.  Consider custom details on your Cinderella wedding invitations.  Ribbons to tie your folio invites or hand placed rhinestones make wonderful details that fit the theme nicely.

A ballgown with lots of detail is the most fitting choice.  Wear your hair in a full updo, keep it smooth and sleek.  Accent the look with some wide ribbon or a headband. Ballet slippers are a great alternative to glass slippers for your wedding day attire. A bouquet of long stemmed flowers or calla lilies is a nice touch.

The theme of the day is “Happily Ever After”.  Use that phrase as a theme or just a phrase to be written on favors and wedding accessories like your ring pillow or champagne flutes.  Carriages and glass slippers make great themes for centerpieces and other decorations.  Glass horses and castles also make great accents.  Glass, lace and embroidery abound in your Cinderella wedding décor.   A carriage cake topper makes a wonderful keepsake.

Aladdin (Princess Jasmine)

An A-line or sheath cut dress with elaborate embellishments starts off the look for your Jasmine wedding. A bejeweled halter top works best.  Colorful saris on yourself or your bridesmaids make beautiful classy touches.  A traditional Tikka in lieu of a veil or other headdress can be a beautiful touch. Lots of jewels and crystals really complete the look.

Richly colored invitations with jeweled embellishments really set the mood for your special day.  Rich browns, burgundy and a creamy ivory with gold ribbons and hand applied jewels will make a wonderful announcement and keepsake for your guests.

Bright pinks and deep reds make great focal colors for the day’s theme.  A Moroccan seating setup with lots of cushions and cloth drapings or curtains would be ideal.  Belly dancers and a live drum ensemble make for perfectly themed entertainment.  A Mediterranean menu completes the theme nicely. Lots of finger foods add to the overall ambiance. Lined cushioned baskets can be used to hold favors and gifts.

A great theme to utilize these touches is “Arabian Nights”.  Really go with the theme and give your attendants free belly dancing lessons as a part of their gift.  Or maybe all of you can go together before the big day and put on a surprise “show” for the groom and your guests at the wedding reception.  Try this with matching outfits and covered faces.

Sleeping Beauty (Princess Aurora)

The story of Sleeping Beauty is also deeply set in nature.  A kingdom is completely surrounded by an impenetrable forest of thorns while a princess sleeps. Under a spell that saved her life. Light pinks, soft yellows or baby blues set the mood for this theme.  A minimal amount of lace or a completely satin themed décor is ideal.

Pocket folio invitations with the inserts in an assortment of light colors make beautiful announcements of your Sleeping Beauty themed wedding day. Classic one page invitations with a classic timeless font will also do nicely.  Bird cages and pillows are another great starting point for décor.  “Once Upon a Dream” or “Under Love’s Spell” are great themes to tie all these touches together into a modern wedding.  Flower adorned, satin pillows make for nice centerpieces as well.

Consider a one shouldered bodice for your dress with a full ruffled skirt.  A cathedral train will work nicely.  Sleeping Beauty was born royalty and doted on by her father.  The full regal look is appropriate.  A lace choker and orchids in your bouquet complete the look.