Battle of the Ties: Bow Tie vs. Tie

After deciding whether to wear a tuxedo or a suit, grooms need to make the tough decision between a bow tie and a tie. While this may be an easy decision for some, others need clarification on the pairings and guidance.

Formal Bowtie

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Bow Tie
Bow ties are most classically known to grace the tuxedos of Hollywood stars gracing the red carpet and are reserved for ultra-lux occasions.  A formal black silk bow tie is perfectly paired with a tuxedo versus a standard tie, and especially a skinny tie.

Bow ties not only represent sophistication, but they are also aesthetically pleasing for grooms. They are smaller which brings more attention to the face and less to the chest like a regular tie would.

A tuxedo and bow tie are very formal, so they should be reserved and worn to events that are extra special.

Neck Tie

Photo Credit: Karsten Planz

Ties are much more commonly worn than bow ties. Typically, ties are worn with a button down shirt or a suit around the office, for a job interview, or even on a date.

The benefit of wearing a tie as a groom is that there are many colors and patterns that will not only accent a suit, but will also go along with the wedding colors. Another benefit of wearing a tie is that they are great for a more hearty body type, as it elongates the grooms figure. Stripes that run vertical are even more slimming for the body.

Traditionally, if a man pairs a tie with a tuxedo, it creates an illusion that it is more of a suit than a tuxedo, hence a less formal occasion. Ties are more fitting to wear with a suit than a tux. If a groom is having a backyard wedding or having the ceremony at a less formal venue, a suit and tie are a great selection.

Our Suggestion:
For such a special occasion, we suggest that if you decide to wear a tuxedo, you should pair it with a classic bow tie. Such formal occasions such as a wedding are a great time to wear a suit (and a bow tie!) Alternatively, if you decide to wear a suit, a tie would be most appropriate with the wardrobe choice.

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